Law Enforcement Code of Ethics

LawEnforcement Code of Ethics

LawEnforcement Code of Ethics

Boththe codes of ethics of public servant agencies and the LawEnforcement Code of Ethics serve the same purpose. Normally, allpolice officers take a sworn oath before they start their duties as alaw enforcement officer. This oath comes with set of values that apolice officer opts to follow. However, some set of values in theIACP are deemed ethics for the law enforcement officials (Perezand Moore, 2013).Some of the values that officers swear their allegiance they shouldabide by them and believe them in respect of their profession, aswell as their predecessors. Examples of the law enforcement code ofethics values that I discern are firstly, it is the duty of a policeofficer to serve the community to ensure its safety, as well asensure improvement. Secondly, it is their duty to safeguard andprotect the live and properties of the community members. Thirdly, itis the officer’s duty to protect the innocent against deception,the weak against oppression, and the peaceful against violence.Further, an officer should maintain his or her private life unsulliedand behave in a manner that does not discrete the government. On theother hand, some of the values are deemed to be ethics. For instance,the police are expected to be courageous in case of danger orridicule and should develop self-restraint and mind the welfare ofother people (Bonhoefferand Todt, 2005).However, police officers are also human beings and may fail to meetthis value.

Duringswearing in of police officers, the police agencies use the lawenforcement codes of ethics to conduct it. This code of ethics areimportant because those people who enter into this profession do sovoluntarily hence, they should do it in a honourable manner.Therefore, they should respect their employees and follow theirprocedure.


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