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Overthe time, leadership styles and theories have been a source ofstudies both in reality and in practice. In many cases, people havetried to diagnose what makes authentic leaders from the rest.Different types of leadership styles has been discussed as beingeffective styles making one an effective leader or manager within anorganization. Different leadership theories such as great man theory,trait theory, behavioural theory, contingency, transactional, aswell as transformational theories has been many a times been deemedto contribute in making a good leader or manager. Moreover, differentleadership style has as well been discussed to be effective in makingindividual,effective manager/leaders in an organization.

Thispaper looks into two different leaders with different leadershipstyles that I admire their strengths and reason for their success.Different leadership styles such as charismatic, innovative,Autocratic,Democratic or Laissez-Faire, among others has been used by differentleaders/managers with each experiencing different levels of success.My main leaders in focus are JeffreyPreston Bezos (CEO, Amazon), and Rex W. Tillerson (CEO, MobilCorporation).

JeffreyPreston Bezos, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the AmazonCompany, was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1964. From an earlyage, Bezos displayed creativity and mechanical aptitude by creatingand dismantling items. Bezos moved with his family to Miami where hediscovered his affiliation to computers. He was a very bright studentin school and was valedictorian of his high school class. He went toPrinceton University legendary for physics, but ended up graduatingwith a degree in computer science and electrical engineering. Helater worked at D.E. Shaw studying market trends on insurance,software, and internet and was in charge of entrepreneurship. He methis wife Mackenzie Bezos while working there. [ CITATION Jos99 l 2057 ]

RexW. Tillerson is the president, Chairman and Chief Executive Officerof Exxon Mobil Corporation. He was born in 1952 in Texas, USA. TheEagle Scout graduated from Huntsville High School in Texas in 1970.He then proceeded to University of Texas at Austin pursuing Bachelorof Science in Civil Engineering and graduated in 1975. That sameyear, he joined the then Exxon Company US as a production engineer.Rex is married to Brenda St. Clair and they have four children [ CITATION Thoo3 l 2057 ].

JeffreyBezos, CEO Amazon

JeffreyPrestos Bezos founded the Amazon Company, which is the largest onlineretailer, in 1994 who has been the Chief Executive Officer since thenafter discovering that internet usage increased at 2300% every yearand saw a business opportunity. The Company has brought an e-commercerevolution by venturing into unploughed landscape in the world ofinternet. By starting as an online bookseller, the company set off inthe budding era of internet to establish itself by taking advantageof the untapped resource, then progressed to music and videos. Amazonbecame a Company in 1997 attracting investors who had identified itspotential. The company offers tangible goods as well as software andother online services. The company also produces its own productsincluding the Kindle fire, a tablet and the Amazon fire, aSmartphone.[ CITATION Jos99 l 2057 ]

JeffBezos vision for the Amazon is to make it an Everything Store, thatis, to have the capacity to sell all items and be able to deliverthem worldwide. In this line of practice, Amazon has expanded itsterritories to other countries and in so doing has created for itselfa large market. Jeff Bezos values the consumers of Amazon productsand services and therefore the main marketing strategy emphasised bythe CEO is taking an interpersonal role and making customer servicethe cooperate goal. This is based on six core values customerobsession, ownership, bias for action, frugality, high hiring bar,and innovation. All goals of the company are based on customerrelated objectives making Amazon rather democratic as customerfeedback influences decisions.[ CITATION Jos99 l 2057 ]

AmazonCompany focuses more on growth rather than profit generation thusemphasises more on the long run benefits. The CEO of the companyemphasises on cutting down on expenses to the minimum. According toBezos, unnecessary expenses derail the company’s progress andtherefore should be done away with. The company is also involved inaggressive marketing especially through the internet and isconsistently innovating new domains for expansion. [ CITATION Jos99 l 2057 ]

RexTillerson, CEO, Chairman, and President Exxon Mobil Corporation

ExxonMobil is an American multinational known for producing high qualityfuels, lubricants, petrochemicals and other petroleum products and isthe world’s largest publicly traded oil and gas company. Thecompany is based on democratic leadership because the shareholdersmake final decisions. Rex Tillerson started at Exxon Company in 1975as a production engineer and has since been working in the company inthe USA and in other countries. Rex held different positions andclimbed his way up the ranks through his hard work. In 1999, Exxonmerged with Mobil and in 2004 Rex became the director and presidentof the Corporation. In 2006, he was elected as the chair and CEO ofExxon Mobil due to his loyalty to the company. The vision of thecompany is to ensure the health and safety of their employees andconsumers from the point of extraction until the final product.[ CITATION Thoo3 l 2057 ]

RexTillerson focuses on making Exxon Mobil an independent company inthat it can be able to explore crude oil, manufacture into differentproducts, and finally distribute these products worldwide. Thisexplains the high revenue generated by the company. Under RexTillerson tenure, Exxon Mobil has acquired XTO Energy, which is anatural gas producer, and this is one of the major milestones in thecompany. In 2009, Rex also gained the rights to drill crude oil inthe Arctic region in Russia. This displays his well-calculatedproject management skills.[ CITATION Thoo3 l 2057 ]

Rexhas also made decisional roles to diversify Exxon Mobil by havinglarge shareholdings in other companies with similar operations. Thesecollaborations are effective in growth of any company. Exxon Mobilhas managed to expand because Rex is never afraid of taking potentialbusiness risks. Rex has also invested heavily in modern technology toenhance drilling and to process the best quality products. Exxon hasmade America a powerhouse as far as petroleum products are concernedand therefore Rex Tillerson advocates for change in policies. Thisincludes allowing the exportation of crude oil. Rex also supportsenvironmental programmes because of the increase in levels ofmanufacture. [ CITATION Thoo3 l 2057 ]

Differencesin Management Skills

TheAmazon Company and Exxon Mobil are great stakeholders in theirrespective fields. Amazon is the largest online retailer companywhile Exxon Mobil is the largest oil and gas public company in theworld. The respective CEOs of these two companies are in theforefront to ensure they leave a legacy. It is evident that both ofthese companies focus much on expanding their territorial boundaries.Rex and Bezos also share similar interests in terms of thepartnerships and collaborations, which are key tools in anysuccessful business.

Howeverwhile Rex focuses on oil and gas and how to continue exploiting theseresources, Bezos is more interested in innovations and new ways ofexpanding Amazon. This makes Exxon Mobil a specialty in petroleumproducts and Amazon is more diversified in terms of the targetmarket.


RexTillerson and Jeffrey Bezos are both great business leaders of ourtime and the companies they manage will continue to dominate in theirrespective markets owing to the firm foundation already established.The oil and gas industry is lucrative hence, the high returns for Rexat Exxon Mobil. Bezos is however doing better because Amazon can be aplatform to sell everything including oil and gas products. Bezoscommunication with consumers is an added advantage as this ensuresconsistent innovations. In recent times, leadership or management hasbecome a dynamic aspect within organizations. This is becauseorganizations are adopting different or numerous leadership styles tthe same time. The key point has been to increase the employeesatisfaction and in turn increase their productivity. This explainswhy there are more and diverse emergences of leadership styles inexistence in the current times.


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