Leadership Styles of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X

LeadershipStyles of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X

Afterreading the two writings of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X,there are a lot of differences in their leadership styles. There is asharp contrast between the approaches used by the two leaders tofight for the rights of black Americans. This paper will look at thedifferences in leadership styles of these two great leaders.


MalcolmX believes that African Americans need to unite against the whiteAmericans. He is of the idea that African Americans need to put theirdifferences aside and fight for a common goal. This is because theyhave a common enemy. Malcolm X however, believes for any revolutionto bear fruit there must be bloodshed. He gives several examples tosupport his belief. He uses the American Revolution and the Russianrevolution to support his claim. As much as violent demonstrationswould make the whites give in, it would also lead to a lot of deathsas many people would lose their lives.

MartinLuther King Jr.

Onthe other hand, Martin believes that there is no way that AfricanAmericans can take their freedom without demonstrations. However,unlike Malcolm X, Martin Luther advocates for peaceful demonstrationsand condemns any violence. He believes there is no time fornegotiations and by engaging in non-violent demonstrations therewould be tension. This tension would force the White Americans toagree to address the issues of the African Americans. Martin believesthat the oppressor would not give in unless the people beingoppressed found a way to create tension and in the process have theirissues solved. Martin Luther King Jr. tactics were safe, and therewould be no bloodshed. However, the tactics would require patienceand time.