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LeaningJournal N 4-Employability




Twoweeks ago, we had a panel with four women who openly shared theirexperience with their career lives. They gave us a significant pieceof advice on various tips of preparing for an interview. Their livesand career experiences were really interesting because they advisedus to set time (away from working hours) in order to care for ourfamily, parents and children. In my view, setting time for one’sfamily is important to me as well as other women since it helpsstrengthen the bond that exists among family members.

Accordingto the panel, the most important characteristics that a candidate,who is in need of employment, must have in order to be employableinclude networking (the process of socializing with people with theaim of getting to know people who can help in developing your careergoals or prospects), understanding who you are through theidentification of your weaknesses as well as strengths, knowing theindustry that interests you or match your career goals, appropriatecommunication skills that help you create a strong relationship withleaders, and embracing cross cultural boundaries by learning morethan one language.

Networkinghelps an individual meet people and friends who are of great help inhis or her career development. Developing friendly relationships withpeople who readily inform of a particular job opening plays asignificant role towards getting an employment opportunity since mostjobs are rarely advertised. I have strong skills in networking. Thisis clearly shown by my move to rescue my husband following his arrestin the year 2002. I collaborated with several NGOs and foreignofficials who were strong activists of human rights. Following this,international organizations intervened and my husband was released.

Anotherskill that I possess is the ability to recognize my strengths andweaknesses. When an individual is able to recognize his or herweaknesses and strengths, he or she finds it easy to search for ajob. Such a person takes advantage of his or her strengths to pursuea career that he or she can diligently handle (Maxwell n.d, p.3). Again, when a person recognizes his or her weaknesses, he or shetries his or her level best to improve them in order to increase hisor her likelihood of being employed. For instance, one of thestrengths that I have already identified is the ability to deliverconsulting services to any foreign students who aspire to pursue andfurther their education in the United States of America. Thisstrength can help me secure a job in most consulting organizationsand firms. On the other hand, one of the weaknesses that I havealready identified is the difficulty in managing time and emotionespecially when I am stressed. I rarely focus when under stressfulsituation. Therefore, when searching for an employment, I wouldchoose a job that is not extremely tiring so that I can remainfocused when handling daily chores.

Anyperson looking for an employment opportunity should be familiar withthe industry he or she is interested in. Potential employers look forcandidates who portray some knowledge and understanding of theindustry and the market place in which the industry operates. Iclearly and strongly understand the industry that best interest me. Ihave always pursued a career in education with the aim of launchingan online education start-up in the near future. This is because Iwant to help foreign students who want to study in the United States.As a result, I plan to start using online education tools and growthe Chinese market first before venturing into other markets.

Additionally,I posses strong communication skills that helps me create a strongrelationship with leaders. I have also embraced cross culturalboundaries by learning several foreign languages in order to improveand enhance communication with most people globally. Most employerstend to select applicants who have appropriate communication skillsin both verbal and written language (Hinchliffe &amp Jolly 2011, p.569).An individual with such skills gets his or her message across withless chances of being misunderstood by potential employers

Ineed to develop skills in managing time when I am under stressfulsituations. One of the SMART goals that I can embrace in order toovercome this weakness is being positive. Positive thoughts play akey role in making stress intermittent because they help focus theattention of a person’s brain onto something that is stress-free.Positive thoughts on something that has happened in my life will helprefocus my attention on any tasks that I plan to handle. Undeniably,stressful situation can easily be overcome by shifting one’sattention to something positive that has ever happened in theirlives.

Emotionalintelligence refers to an individual’s ability to identify, assess,manage, as well as control his or her emotions, of others, and ofparticular groups. It is relevant to employability since mostemployers look for candidates or applicants with sound emotionalintelligence before incorporating them into their staff (Goleman2000, p.53). It helps workers communicate and connect with theirfellow colleagues on a deeper level. In addition, it helps workersshift the focus of engagement to others instead of focusing onthemselves at workplaces.


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