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The nation. (2014). Victim family demands speedy trial, security.Dated November 18th 2014 retrieved from:http://nation.com.pk/editors-picks/18-Nov-2014/victim-family-demands-speedy-trial-security

The article focuses on the issue cultural diversity in termsreligious tolerance. It is evident from the article that a Christiancouple was molested assaulted and burnt alive Kot Radha Kishan onNovember 4, 2014. The motive behind the killings was associated withreligious extremism. The brother to the deceased asserted that he andhis other Christian relatives felt extremely unsafe in a Muslimneighborhood where there are extremists who might come for them inthe name of religion (The nation 1). This article articulates theissue of cultural diversity. Religious diversity and tolerance is anissue that has hit the headlines in Pakistan severally consideringthat the country is Muslim dominated country. The article calls uponthe government to protect and offer equal rights to all the peopleincluding the Christians.

Senate body orders probe into CNICs issued to foreigners. DatedNovember 13th 2014. Retrieved from:http://nation.com.pk/editors-picks/13-Nov-2014/senate-body-orders-probe-into- cnics-issued-to-foreigners

The article focuses on a social issue and a globalization issuewhich involves the illegal infiltration of foreigners from foreigncountries such as India and Iran into the country. The articleasserts that the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra)database was hacked and that there were fake identification documentsthat were being issued to the foreigners (The nation 1). This is anissue that highlights both a social issue of hacking, as well as aglobalization issue which involves the movement of people and theapplication of technology. The article also touches on an economicissue when it discusses the Safe City Project which Nadra asserts itcosts 124 million US dollars. The committee sought to know why theproject was being quoted at a higher price than the normal marketrates. This is clearly an economic issue which affects the taxpayers’money.

Schools observe I am not Malala Day. Dated November 11 2014.Retrieved from: http://nation.com.pk/editors-picks/11-Nov-2014/schools-observe-i-am-not-malala-day

This article focuses on the issue of religion and diversity. Theprivate schools association is observing an I am not Malala day afterthe young girl was accused of writing a book that is against theIslamic faith. The schools accuse her of mentioning the word Godinstead of Allah in her book and also having various parts that areagainst the beliefs of the Pakistan people and the Islam faith (Thenation 1). It is evident also from the article that the privateschools association accuses the girl for being used by the westerncountries to foster their ulterior motives. This is clearly a socialissue in Pakistan and it dwells on the beliefs and values of thepeople. Diversity with regard to girl child education is alsohighlighted in the article.

Road blockage after accident causes rush-hour misery. Dated November11 2014. Retrieved from:http://nation.com.pk/editors-picks/11-Nov-2014/road-blockage-after-accident- causes-rush-hour-misery

This article highlights a social issue that involves protests by thepeople demanding answers from the traffic department over the killingof two people in a road accident at Islamabad Expressway at Gangalstop. The protests are said to have led to a 5 hour traffic jam thatleft many people coming from work stranded (The nation 1). This is asocial issue that the traffic department was being called upon toresolve by constructing a footbridge at the point where thereaccidents every other week. The power of the populace was alsobrought out in the article since the protestors managed to block theroad for several hours. This can be viewed as a social issue wherethe people are sympathizing with the dead and calling upon theauthorities to punish the culprits.

Woman poisons family, commits suicide. Dated October 28 2014.Retrieved from: http://nation.com.pk/editors-picks/28-Oct-2014/woman-poisons-family-commits-suicide

The article highlights the plight of a husband and is two childrenwho were poisoned by the wife who later hanged herself. The womanallegedly killed the husband and the children to stop him frommarrying another wife. This is clearly a social setting issue wheremarrying a second or third wife is viewed as a taboo (The nation 1).This made the woman to kill the husband and the children. The socialstigma of a woman being married to a man who has another wife isclearly a social issue that resulted in the murder of the husband andthe children.

Siraj urges harmony, peace during Muharram. Dated October 27 2014.Retrieved from: http://nation.com.pk/editors-picks/27-Oct-2014/siraj-urges-harmony-peace-during- muharram

The article highlights on the importance of month of Muharram interms of shunning discrimination, sectarianism and extremism. This isa call for unity and tolerance between the various religious groupsin the country. The article calls upon the Shia and Sunnis to uniteand stop discrimination against each other on the basis of religiousaffiliations (The nation 1). It is evident that the issue ofdiversity features in the article. Religious tolerance in a countryis dominated by Muslims is critical and essential for other minorityreligious groups.

Essay on globalization and diversity

There are a number of article discussed above that touch on theissue of diversity in Pakistan. For instance, the article on the “Iam not Malala day” is a clear indication and message on the topicof diversity. Girl child has been denied the opportunity of accessingeducation in Pakistan for decades and the article has highlighted therole that Malala has played in ensuring that girls access educationboth in the private and the public school (The nation 1). Althoughthe article focuses on the protests against the girl’s book, it isabundantly clear that the issue of girl child is highlighted. Theprivate schools were quick to assert that their demonstrations arenot against the girl child education and that their studentpopulation comprises of 50% girls and that there are also numerousfemale teachers. The worldwide recognition for Malala for hercontribution towards girl education in Pakistan is an element ofglobalization. It is evident that the issue of girl child and thefight and campaign for girl child education are a result of westerncivilization and the spread of this culture to other continents is asa result globalization.

The issue of diversity is also highlighted in the article titled“Victim family demands speedy trial, security” where Christiansare calling on the government to protect them against religiousextremists who were targeting Christians in the country. It is clearfrom the article that the issue of diversity and tolerance isprevalent. The Christians are calling for the accusation andconviction of the culprits who killed a Christian couple in a Muslimneighborhood. The aspect of globalization also features in thisarticle (The nation 1). The few Christian in a Muslim dominatedcountry indicates the movement of people across the world and theinteraction of people from different faiths ad cultures. This is akey element of globalization. The Christians in Pakistan might bethere as residents or as workers. It is well known by now that manypeople have moved out of their countries and are working in othercountries as a result of globalization.

In another article titled Pakistan needs trained workforcedated October 8th 2014, it is clear that the country mustembrace globalization if it has to get sufficient workers in theengineering and construction industry. The industry is calling uponthe training of more people in these industries who can even beexported to neighboring Middle East countries where they can earnenormous amount of money (The nation 1). This is an element ofglobalization where people from other countries can move from onecountry to another and can also work in any part of the world.

The article “Senate body orders probe into CNICs issued toforeigners” has an element of globalization in it. Whereas thearticle is dealing with the issue of illegal immigrants from India,Iran and other countries into Pakistan, it is abundantly clear thatthe issue of globalization is imminent. The movement of people fromIndia, Iran and other countries to join Pakistan is an indication ofhow people have interacted and how movement of people has been easedby globalization. Globalization can be viewed as an aspect thatenables the whole world to seem as a global village due to the easein communication and movement. People from every part of the worldcan settle in other part of the world and interact with the localsharmoniously.

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