Relationshipbetween Syntax and Semantics

Thespecial role carried out by the uninterruptable features for syntaxwith the purpose of eliminating uninterpretable features before asentence is interpreted. However, some sentences can have bizarremeanings despite them being syntactically well formed, for example,colorless green idea sleep furiously or she arrived for an hour. Awayfrom such an augment, the separation of syntax and semantics has ledto a tremendous progress in the field of meaning.

Basicassumptions on syntax and semantics, assume that for the syntax, thesentence is assumed to have a hierarchical constituent structure thatgroups words and subcontituents into constituents. There also existsthe assumption that constituents are movable from one place of a treestructure to another subject to constraints of the same kind.Therefore, the task of semantics is to identify the meaning of thesentence however, currently semantics is only concerned with thereproducible aspect of the sentence meaning. Thus, semantics isfocused on the facts whether a sentence is judged true or false in aparticular situation.

Mostresearchers have assumed there is a relationship between syntax andsemantics, as it may be visible in the theory syntax-semanticsinterface, where it seems to demonstrate the steps of the recursionare the same. Therefore, two phrases forming a syntactic constituentusually it will also form a semantic constituent, for example, asmart girl (subject) bought (verb) a thin book (object), thissentence can also take the form of, and “a thin girl (subject)bought (verb) a smart book (object)”.

Inaddition, the relation of syntax and semantics can be examined in thecase of idioms. In one hand, an idiom is a semantically opaque unitwhose meaning does not drive from its interpretation of its parts ina direct way, on the other hand, an idiom syntactically complex. Forexample, Johnny kicked the bucket (meaning Johnny died).


Humans’ability to form and understand sentences heavily depends on syntaxand semantics. The two closely correspond to each other, as abreaking through the theory of syntax and semantic breaks down whataspect of the structure are related and how the relationship comesabout.