Letter of analysis


Letterof analysis

Theessay on the Giver is an encouraging essay where the writer isdedicated in bringing out the continent in the novel. In the essay,the writer approaches the task with a lot of care,, taking thereader through a very thoughtful introductory paragraph. Theintroductory has been used by the writer as a hook that attracts thereader in over viewing what the other parts of the essay will be on.After the introduction, the writer has worked hard in first providinga summary of the novel, before getting into discussing the mainthemes through the novel. The summary of the novel makes the readerto understand what is being described in the rest of the paper. Afterthe summary, the writer then gets into the real task of analyzing thevarious themes in the paper. The content of the paper is thoughtfuland relates the events in the novel with the real world. Such aconnection makes the reader not to feel lonely about what they arereading and enables them to better understand what the writer iswriting about. A thoughtful analysis of the novel ends with a closingparagraph, which sums up the content of the paper. Therefore, thewriter has approached the writing task in affective manner thatenables the reader to better understand the content of the paper.

Variousstrengths can be identified from the essay. One of the strengths ofthis essay is that the writer took their time in organizing thecontent of the essay. The writer has organized their paper intointroduction, body, and a concluding paragraph. The essay does nothave every word scattered anywhere across the paper but ha s theideas carefully thought of and presented in paper. Such anorganization makes the reader not to even want to read the novelsince summary and analysis of the novel has already been made by thewriter. The other strength associated with this essay is theassociation between the characters in this novel with the real world.The draws real life teachings about acceptance from a novel whosecharacters are living in a fictional world. It is amazing to see howthe writer translates the events in the novel to real life situationsand what we should be able to learn from the scenes in the novel,that we should be able to appreciate the bad things that happen tous. Such strengths from the essay make the work interesting to readand appreciate the content of the novel.

Thereare some areas that the writer could have improved in making the workbetter than it is. One of those areas is the point where he raises aquestion on the definition of a good society. As an analytical essay,it is not advisable to pose a question to the audience but rather tryto answer the question in a more descriptive manner. Even though thereader makes an analysis of the society through the paper, a readercan easily be discouraged when the writer suddenly poses a questionto a reader in which they are supposed to answer. The other area thatthe writer will need to improve on is on the analysis of the paper.The writer identifies only one theme of appreciating life’sproblems. It would have been more interesting if the writerintroduced more related themes in making the analysis morethoughtful. Through these improvements, this essay can stand out inbeing one of the most interesting analytical essays on the novel, TheGiver.

Thisessay is comparable to the essay that I had previously written onStillI rise.This paper discusses the theme of humanity and gender equality in acommunity that predetermines the fate of marriage for the women. Thisessay reflects on the dark spots of a society, yet many people arestill blinded to the truth about their rights. This relates with thesociety that Joan finally deflected from. In both societies, themembers are unaware of the problems facing them. However, bothAngelou and Joan from both books show hope to their fellow unknowingmembers of their society. Both novels also compare in that thesecharacters overrule the chains that their society have put increating a change for the other people who cannot see the problem.Since the writer is interested in the society, Angelo’s characterin her society would be the most interesting aspect that the writerwill want to explore in this novel.

Ibelieve that the essay that the writer is written is nice andfascinating to the reader. From how the writer has organized theirwork to how they have been able, to relate the themes with the realworld is commendable. The writer has made great attempts in showingtheir skill of writing although they needed to diversify more on theconservative society that Joan was living in. Despite that, it is anexcellent piece of writing from the writer.