Letter of Petition to Judge for bail


Letterof Petition to Judge for bail

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Letterof Petition to Judge for bail

DearPresiding Judge

Ihereby write this letter to request the release of my brother onbail. When making the ruling, please consider my plea and allow mybrother to come back home and join the rest of the family rather thanstay in jail awaiting the verdict of his case. I have decided towrite you this letter because my brother is a kind hearted person andwhat happened might have been a mistake he never wishes to repeatagain in the future. Community leaders have written several lettersrecommending that my brother be granted bail because they haveassessed him and can attest to the fact that he is very kind. Theleaders in our community have also evaluated the progress of mybrother, and they have argued that he does not pose any threat to thelocal community. He cannot threaten the peace and order in ourcommunity. Even most of our neighbors consider him a friendly person.

Mybrother is innocent and that is why he is looking forward to appearin court and clear his name so that he can show the world he is notguilty of committing the offence he has been accused of. As a singlefather who has the custody of his daughter, my brother loves his kidvery much and wishes to take care of him. My niece depends on hisfather to take good care of her since the mother is no longer thereto do so. In his absence, the daughter will most likely not receivethe love, compassion, and care of a parent that my brother offersher. My brother is confident that he can face the chargescourageously and defend himself. By allowing him bail, he will havetime to prepare his defense and appear in court at a later date.

Ibelieve that the family environment will give my brother anopportunity to develop positive behavior. This is because out motheris a strict disciplinarian and a devout Catholic who upholdsreligious values and encourages her children to showcase the samevalues in whatever they do. My brother has lived in New York since hewas born, and as such, he has a personal and emotional attachment tothe city since he knows no other home. Separating him from the cityis likely to devastate him and make him hopeless. As most of hisfriends and close relatives are New York, I know he will feel betterin the city than in any other place. In addition, most of his mentorsare in New York and being close to them will give him an opportunityto consult them whenever he has a behavioral problem affecting him.

Asa holder of MBA from Indiana University, I strongly believe thatcommunity service is essential since it enables people to changetheir behavior. Each citizen of this country has a responsibility toselflessly serve their country and give back to the community thathas been vital in every person’s success. I swear to respect anddefend the United States Constitution, and this is why I can vouchthat my brother will appear in court when summoned.

Grantingmy brother bail will have a significant impact on his life and itwill affect our whole family. Kindly consider my request.