Life after 100 Years

Lifeafter 100 Years

“Timeis a dressmaker specializing in alterations” as Faith Baldwin, theGreat American author put it. Change is the only permanent concept.Similarly, in a century’s time, human life will significantlytransform. Humans’ invention is dedicated towards inventingmachines and other technologies that would make life simpler. In myopinion, machines such as computers and robots would dominate humanlife routine duties such as cooking and providing security. Futurehumans will be lazy and inactive as they are committed to creatingrobots with artificially programmed brains.

However,I am afraid that robots might conquer the world. Human is to error.As the war technology intensifies, developed nations such as theUnited States have invented unmanned warplanes with capacity to causeintensive destruction. In 100 years, humans could create cyborgs andArnold Schwarzenegger’s terminator creatures as the new generationarmy. The machines will probably take over the world and enslavehuman species (Charran, 2008).

Iam also afraid that the climate change will change drastically in acentury’s time. Since 1950s, climate change has depleted ice capson mountains and caused increased water level in the oceans. Peoplemight be sleeping during the day and working at night after the sunhas disappeared to avoid scathing heat rays. Furthermore, geneticchange could emerge over time because of changing lifestyles. Forexample, humans will have big heads because of intensive thinking,while their hands and legs will be emaciated as the technology wouldbe controlled with voice prompts (Charran, 2008).

Presently,birth complication are one of the main causes of infant mortality andwomen’s death. In a century’s time, scientists and physicianswill have solved the problem, as children will be born with testtubes and other laboratory structures instead of natural wombs. Thetechnology will save women undergoing invasive operations such asC-section when giving birth (Charran, 2008).

Finally,humans will have either discovered or adjusted the naturalenvironment in outer planets such as Mars, which is underexploration, to make it suitable for human living. Many countrieshave invested tremendously in rockets and other outer spaceexploration technologies that would facilitate accessing the externalworld (Charran, 2008).


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