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The name and the headline that professional choose in his or herlinked in account is extremely important and vital for marketing.Research has indicated that a majority of the people who visit linkedin have their attention caught by the name of the individual or thecompany (Joyce, 2014). It is therefore essential to choose a namethat is marketable and that is in line with what you do. It isevident that when choosing a name in , it is impossible tohave a name that has already been taken by someone else. In thisregard, it is recommended that you use your first name, last name orthe two names following each other without spaces in between (Joyce,2014). For instance, it is essential to use your most common namesuch as James or Mary. However, if such a name is already taken, itis advisable that one uses the last name such as Smith.

There are instances where all the versions of a person’s names aretaken and it is recommended that one uses the middles name. Mostrecently, studies have shown that names are being chosenwhile incorporating the career in the name. For instance, it isextremely common to find names such as accountantmaryjoseph,lawyerjamessmith or engineersamueljohnson. These are extremely usefuland essential names in LinkedIn since they aid in marketing (Joyce,2014). A person researching for an engineer will be attracted quicklytowards the profile of a person with a name that has the wordengineer in it. Previously, made it impossible for a personto edit his or her URL, but this rule has since changed. Thisnecessitated the use of the appropriate names which would stand thetest of time.


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