London city


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Discovered by the Romans, the city of London has remained theheartbeat of London to date. It is no doubt that is theone of the best places that anyone can call home. The City is home toover 7000 people who are mainly whites who constitute 80% of thepopulation. There are also a significant number of Indians andAfricans living in the city. By the year 2011, it was evident thatthere were over 300,000 people who commute to the city daily forbusiness and other activities (Merrifield, 2012). It is thereforeabundantly clear that is a multicultural city.

The city of London is governed by a local authority which alsooversees the policing of the City. The local authority, which iscalled the City of London Corporation, is headed by the Lord Mayor ofcity of London. The city has been the world’s center for businessand still continues to be a business herb. The eastern side of Londoncity is mainly occupied by insurance firms while the northern andwestern parts form the legal profession centers and offices(Merrifield, 2012). The city of London has also acted as a touristdestination for many years. The museum of London docklands at CanaryWharf is one of the primary tourist attraction sites. Additionally,the Queen Elizabeth`s Hunting Lodge is yet another attraction sitefor tourists visiting the city of London.

It is evident from research that the city of London controlsbuildings and business outside the city and therefore has enormouswealth (Merrifield, 2012). A good example is the crest of the city ofLondon which is in London but is controlled by the City of LondonCorporation. The city also has green parks and recreation groundssuch as the Epping Forest and city gardens. The city of London boastsof buildings built in mediaeval times that portray the 21stcentury architectural designs. Such architectural designs include StPaul`s Cathedral that was built in 1710 by Sir Christopher Wren.

The city of London is located on one square mile area within London.It is famous for its skyscrapers and the bridges on river Thames. Itis also home to ancient markets and historical landmarks that havefor numerous years attracted tourists from across the world. Manypeople ask the question how the United Kingdom came up with twocities bearing the same name and with one inside the other. Thesecret for the formation of the London City is in Romans. The Romansbuilt a wall around their business premises and this created the cityof London.


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