Marketing Marketing



Asan entrepreneur, I understand that branding is a very crucial aspectof any given business. According to Clifton&amp Ahmad (2009), brandingplays a pivotal role in offering a significant edge in competitivemarkets. Brand can be defined as an entrepreneur’s promise to hisor her customer. ADC’s brand strategy will concentrate on informingcustomers what they expect from ADC, why they should prefer ADC andgiving the customers an assurance of quality service. The name itselfmight not possess a tangible meaning as far goods and servicesoffered by the company are concerned, but the company’s slogan willspeak loud concerning the company. ADC’s slogan is “ADCe-retailer Company, your world’s leading online seller of music andbooks where satisfaction is guaranteed”.

ADCwill make use of brand extension when introducing online sales ofsportswear (Clifton&amp Ahmad, 2009).ADC is committed to incorporating sportswear sale in its onlinebusiness. Although ADC is registered as an online seller of books andmusic, the brand extension program will incorporate sportswear marketin the ADC’s brand. Marketing strategy is another crucial aspect inany business’s success. According toKotler (2009), marketingis the sole determinant of the market share the business will get aswell as how competitive the enterprise will be in the market.&nbspADC being an online business, its marketing strategy will be chieflyonline based. This is mainly because its potential customers areinternet users. However, the marketing strategy will also extend tosome other marketing Medias. These two parts of the strategy will beexecuted in phases.

Thestrategy’s first phase will concentrate on online marketing. It isclear the chief buyers of music and books are the youths. The youthsalso form the largest group of internet users. The existence ofsocial media in the world today will act as an important marketingtool of ADC. ADC will make use of social Medias such as facebook toreach out to potential customers who are also the social media users(Burrow&amp Bosiljevac, 2009).&nbspThe company will also develop an online marketing website that willbe operational for twenty-four hours. The website will have aprovision where potential customers can interact with the company’smarketing team and have their questions and concerns answered.

Thenext phase of marketing will entail the use of various othermarketing Medias. The phase will make use of brochures that will beevenly distributed to people across the world. The ADC marketing teamwill be on the look out to gain information of any forum especiallyacademic forums so that they can gain access to the forum (Burrow&amp Bosiljevac, 2009).Their entry to the forum will give them an opportunity to issue thebrochures to many people simultaneously. The company will also makeuse of broadcasting media to market its products. This will entailadvertising through radio and television modes.

Therationale of this marketing strategy is as discussed below. The firstphase of the strategy gave online marketing priority because thechief customers of ADC will come from internet users. This planwould, therefore, get the attention of many potential customers hencewinning the company customers. The marketing strategy is alsoeconomical as opposed to other forms of marketing. It will also forma platform of extending the marketing process. It will be easy todirect potential customers to the already established onlinemarketing sites of the company. The other phase will which willextend to other marketing means outside online will be brushing upthe entire marketing process. It will be trying to get potentialcustomers who might be passed by the online adverts. It will also actas a reassurance to the interested customers that the company isserious and means business (Kotler,2009).&nbsp

ADCwas also keen in its development of a positioning statement. TheADC’s positioning statements is: “for all the global web userswho enjoy reading quality books as well as listening to the finestmusic, ADC e-retailer Company is your ally as well as your seller. ADC is an online retailer that offers prompt access to millions offine music and books. As opposed to old music and books retailers ADChas a combination of amazing low prices, convenience as well as abroad selection.” The ADC’s positioning statement will beexecuted with immediate effect. After its formulation and disclosure,ADC will ensure that all their services are in line with thepositioning statement. This is to enhance their customer’sconfidence because it can act as a huge blow to the company airingout a contrary statement.

Themarketing science is another parameter that ADC will be keen. Themarketing science is essential in the sense that it helps theentrepreneur to understand the needs of his or her customers as wellas develop approaches of how the needs can be fulfilled (Kotler,2009).&nbspThe marketing science indicates that ADC’s customers are more so inneed of contemporary books. This means that ADC has to be on thewatch out to stock new books. ADC has, therefore, establishedcontacts with the leading publishers who will be updating them oninitiation of new books. They will also help them in stocking thebooks conveniently. The market science also revealed that old bookshave some value and hence are required at one point in time. So as toserve the interests of all customers, old books will also beavailable in ADC’s stock.

Themarketing science has also indicated that most of the ADC’s musiccustomers are in need of new music. Statistics has revealed thatthere is music of certain artists that are on higher demand asopposed to others. ADC will, therefore, be keen to stock new music assoon as it is produced. The music from artists that most preferredwill be ample and the company will stock all these artists’ albums.The company will, however, make sure that there will be music varietyranging from old to new and of nearly all musicians to ensure thatall its customers get served (Burrow&amp Bosiljevac, 2009).

ADC’smission statement is as presented below. ADC is the leading globalseller of quality books and fine music. ADC aims at satisfying itscustomers’ needs through assuring them quality and efficiency inevery aspect of its business activity. ADC also aims at helping allits customers perform and achieve their intended happiness. ADC alsoaims at satisfying all the stakeholders who are responsible ofsupplying resources to them. The last objective is that ADC aims atmaintaining the best services to all its customers in terms of bookand music selling. The company’s introduction was mainly triggeredby the need of the entrepreneur to save people from long and tediousprocesses of buying books and music. ADC’s introduction has,therefore, brought a significant relief to people who enjoy music, aswell as reading books.


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