Marketing Plan 15 Question 1

MarketingPlan 15


Theattributes for the target markets, where the NIKE soccer shoes willbe sold entails a vast number of people with a great desire topurchase soccer shoes. Besides, the population has a great interestin the NIKE brand. This will make the product to be sold to theultimate customer rather than selling the product to another memberof the marketing channel.


Byselling the NIKE soccer shoes to the ultimate customer, the type ofretailing establishment that is most suitable to the product is adiscount store. This is because the discount store would offerself-service to customers and will offer brand name of NIKE inselling the shoes at low prices.


Theretail establishment will be located in a location, where most peoplecan conveniently find the product. This will influence the purchasingof the product since customers will perceive the product as beingeasy to find within their location. Besides, the product will be soldat low prices, which will make customers perceive the product as oneof the best selling for the purpose of playing soccer.


Directmarketing methods are appropriate for selling the NIKE soccer shoesto the customers in the target markets because through directmarketing, it would be possible to encounter with the customersdirectly and understand their chief interest in the shoes, which canbe included for their satisfaction. Besides, the direct sellingmethods would be appropriate for the target markets since the targetmarkets are highly populated, which will facilitate selling theproduct at low prices.


Anagent would be the most suitable channel customer in case the productis sold to another member in the marketing channel. This is becausean agent would be capable of providing information concerning thespecifications of customers in the market since the agent wouldrepresent the company producing the shoes at all times without takingsides.