Marliave Restaurant, Boston

MarliaveRestaurant, Boston


MarliaveRestaurant, Boston

Sometimes people’s preferences and partialities make rating somerestaurants a difficult task. However, such a case does not apply toMarliave Restaurant recently I eat out at Marliave and found anambience that was both characteristic Italian and remarkably plush.The restaurant has a great commitment to house prepared cuisines anda vibrantly pulsating atmosphere in a classy area. Operated and ownedby commis-chef Scott Herritt, the Marliave restaurant providesamazing list of options with a myriad of Italian flavors (Tillery,2014). In addition, a close glimpse at the orderly restaurantrevealed its authenticity i.e. presenting an assortment of cuisinescharacteristic of its setting as well as which it asserts guarantee,devoutness, and bear an obsolete streak of the eatery (the restaurantis the fourth oldest in Boston). The restaurant offers authenticItalian and local cuisines with food ranging from Risotto to OssoBuco.

Although therestaurant has several settings, i.e. two dining rooms, a downstairbar, and an upstair bar with a private bar and a sit down dinnerarea, I observed that the main dining room could hold around 60people as I counted over 50 seats and more than 25 staff. This meansthat the restaurant has a capacity to hold more than 250 people. Ialso noticed a few supervisors welcoming people to the restaurant ortaking note of their satisfaction. The restaurant provides a rare andexcellent ambience, although some areas had dim lighting. On theother hand, I noticed that one could make a reservation, whichgreatly reduces the waiting time and the restaurant had an excellentpackage with a pleasant host. The restaurant had an excellent serviceand the servers provided the food in an orderly manner (the serverdelivered the food). I enjoyed cocktail sauce and Prosecco (entrée),Rarebits, Caesar, and Beef Carpaccio (appetizers), Risotto servedwith Reggiano, Truffle butter, and Wild Mushrooms (Main dish), andButterscotch Pudding with Whipped cream and Candied ginger (dessert).I would rate the restaurant’s food at 4.3, service 4.5, ambience4.8, noise level at 4.0, and overall rating at 4.4. The restauranthad a book type menu and due to the array of food available, I had adifficult time making my choice.

Overall, the restaurant had an affable, rapt, and accommodativeambience, justifiable prices, well-cleaned, polished, and maintainedareas including restrooms and parking lot. The restaurant has somedarkly lighted areas, a compact parking lot, and outlandish pricesfor some foods. However, I would endorse the restaurant to otherindividuals particularly based on its authentic Italian cuisines andexcellent ambience.


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