Thisinterview aimed to depict how relevant a degree in masters of Sciencein nursing is to graduates, how nursing position is influenced by thedegree and choice in terms of assumption of higher roles in nursingpractice, education or administration. Learning is an importantframework that brings about career development (Giallonardo, 2011).The interview culminates an instructor in our institution and whoworks with the local hospital nursing department. Apart fromunderstanding that she is qualified to fill her position in thedepartment, I am also aware that she has taken different roles mainlydue to her values and moral obligations towards the society.


Theinterviewee commenced working as from 1999 she was positioned at asurgical department in the back room. She finished her education in1998 at one of the leading nursing institutions in the country whereshe graduated top of her class. It is the passion she draw for hercourse that gained her reputation across the nation, on most occasionshe could be called to present important topics on behalf of theschool due to her effective presentation techniques. Throughout hercareer she learnt on how to work with other people. At Everest shelearnt the significance of team work and unity whenever handlingtasks in the community. However, her position did not correlate herfull satisfaction, this made her continue her studies and become afully trained and certified Nursing Assistant from Long Beach CityCollege in 2008.

Theinterviewee established a good working condition by coordinating withother nurses in regard to her clients` physical needs, it is throughthis approach that she was able to reinforce her desires to learnmore and offer better services in her career. She graduated in 2008at Long Beach University while still working as a licensed CAN.

Sheworked on weekends just to earn a living and pay her tuition feessince she took full-time classes during weekdays. At St Mary’sHospital she was able to polish her skills further with the help ofthe senior colleges in her department. She learnt how to usedifferent equipment’s and the need to offer proper care to thepatients. The interviewee was diligent and hardworking throughout hercareer able to be noticed by her superiors. It is on this premisethat one day a superior encouraged her to further her studies and notto waste her talents. In 2000 she was able to go back to college andundertake another degree to further her career.

2010-2012marked the period when she was promoted to become a clinical nurse atthe district hospital. In this position she was able to direct andcoordinate different activities in the hospital that enhanced herabilities further. Also as a nurse supervisor she was tasked with theresponsibility of taking charge of LVNs and CANs while at the sametime coordinating with the interdisciplinary team in the hospital.Her yearning was insatiable pushing her to complete a degree inNursing at the University of Phoenix in 2013. Ever grateful for herexperience, she has deemed it fit to share her experience in order toimpart knowledge and skills to budding student nurses (Klich-Heartt,2010).


Themain driving force to her career has been to establish a society thatis free from illness and diseases. She also aims at establishing amovement that is geared towards helping other people in need. Thismotivation is mainly drawn from her own personal experience. Shecommemorates a juncture where she was ill from scarlet fever and itwas only one nurse who could help her while the others just stood by.This made her realize the kind of condition patients go through inthe hands of ruthless nurses in hospitals. Motivated to change this,she joined a nursing school to acquire the necessary skills andknowledge to coordinate the transition.

In2013 at the University of Phoenix she was able to complete hermaster’s program in nursing. She depicts the duration as one of themost taxing moments in her life as she had to endure strict schedulesjust to accomplish he objectives and meet the requirements of thecourse. However, hard work always pays back in the best way possible.This degree was meant to equip her with the necessary skills andknowledge in leadership and clinical aspects. Throughout thecurriculum she learnt how to integrate the two components to attain acoherent system and framework in the nursing profession.


Currentlyshe holds a very powerful position in nursing that has offered her anopportunity to make important decision that can change people’slives for the better. As a director she stands in a good position toinfluence other nurses and the general public in taking care of theneedy in the society by ensuring that the society is free fromillness and diseases. Her outlook was further improved by her abilityto go through her course that ensured that she learns ethics,professional development and human diversity and social issues. Shealso trained on leadership skills that have proven valuable in herwork environment.

Theinterviewee knows how to deal with people around her at all times. Itis this aspect that gives her the upper hand whenever it comes tobeing given a position in her job environment. Throughout her career,she learned the best approach to emancipate team work among employeesin any job setting. As a nurse she has encompassed a role tocollaborate with the locals in creating awareness on the existence ofsome communicable diseases in the society (Cannon &amp Beare, 2014).The most important depiction of her career came around in the recentbreak out of Ebola in the world. She demonstrated her abilities as aleader and a professional in nursing especially in the emancipationof the society on the need to protect their loved ones.


Theinterviewee encourages all people to adopt perseverance in theirdaily undertakings, since it pays at the end of it all. Heraccomplishment and outstanding performance is characterized by herneed to achieve more in life, having grown in an environment whereattaining education was a problem, she is a proof that anyone canmake a change in life no matter the circumstances. Persistent andcontinuous development in all our undertaking is an importantapproach, this should be the motto for all those who may want toattain high standards in their careers, she says this because sheknows the kind of endurance she has had to persevere in life toaccomplish what she has within the small duration (Cannon &ampBeare, 2014). What motivates her to undertake major steps in life isthe need to help other people in the society.


Itis through her studies that she has managed to enrich her knowledgeand sharpen her skills in life. Human development is connoted bynumerous steps in life each step a person makes counts to theiroverall performance. This interview opened up by mind to view thingsfrom a different dimension as before, through it I have been able tocomprehend virtues such as determination, conviction, hard work, anddiscipline. Finally, it is imperative to choose the right career pathin life and be able to understand the requirements that culminate thechosen career path. The success of this interview lay on the choiceof the interviewee I selected for this project. She illustrates agood example of a person who endorses moral values and careerencouragement.Finally,the nurse depicts a very good role model in the society and morespecifically, to nursing students in schools who may want to attainsuch high standards in education.


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