Maternal Child Health

MaternalChild Health

MaternalChild Health

Q1.Thereis general ignorance and misinformation about children environmentalhealth in all sectors of society, including parents, schoolofficials, political leaders, the medical community, and publichealth professionals. Do you agree with this statement?&nbsp

Itis true that there is general ignorance and misinformation aboutchildren environmental health in all sectors in the society. Innormal circumstances, parents, women’s and children advocates, andthe local officials need to be knowledgeable on the harmful chemicalsin the environment. In addition, they should have basic idea howchildren can be exposed to them, consequences, and prevention measureagainst this harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, most people areignorant and do not pay seriousness while handling such products. Forinstance, parents are always advised to keep children toys away fromthe areas that have been sprayed, and school policies states thatspraying pesticide should be done while children are not in school.However, parents and teachers always ignore these policies.

Q2.Examine the significance of obesity in America. Why is it important?Why does it occur? How this issue is best addressed?

Initially,America associated obesity with a sign of wealth. However, it is nowa great concern because it causes many chronic diseases. Actually,obesity has rapidly increased among people with low socioeconomicstatus. Doctors associate obesity with variety of adverse healthcondition such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, early maturation,and psychosocial stress. Unfortunately, there is no definite cause ofobesity. Most theories state that it is due to high calories percapita in the body. Several programs, guidelines, and recommendationsdiscuss about obesity, and gives strategies to minimize calories.People are encouraged to consume food that have fewer calories, aswell as increase physical exercise in order to burn calories.

Q3.Theorize innovative ways to address the consistent issue of lack ofaccess to dental care for American children

Dentalcare is associated with filled and decayed teeth. To deal with theissue of lack of access to dental care, the American governmentshould increase the chances of children visiting a dental specialist.In addition, all children should have a Medicaid cover since thisencourage parents to take their children for dental check upregularly. Further, it is advisable that parents to take theirchildren for dental check-up at early ages because they are likely tocontinue with the dental care.

Q4.Discuss some successes in global MCH. What more need to be done?

Oneof the major successes of MCH is its commitment to serve vulnerablepopulation. It has been a great source of strength in academicsetting. However, it needs to train medical practitioners,academicians, and researchers in order to improve the health statusof children, women, and families. Although MCH will end up borrowinghealth and social science discipline, it will gain more knowledge andskills of its own.

Q5.How is evaluation, research/outcomes used in the area of MCH programand policy development?

Evaluation,research, and outcome are useful in MCH program and policydevelopment since they provide strategies to differentiate effective,evidence-based practises from insufficient evidences to support thebest practise. Further, policy makers depend on research to providereliance evidence. Research is required to determine factors thataffect life from local to international level. It involves analyticalstrategies, application of new models, and statistical techniques.