Medici Godfathers of the Renaissance

MediciGodfathers of the Renaissance


Thesetting of the Medici-Godfathers of the renaissance was in the 15thcentury Florence, where the Medici would rise to rule Europe in manyways. By different approaches such a charm, patronage skills, beingdeceptive, and cruelty they amassed lots of wealth and extraordinarypower.

Part2 Medici-Godfathers of the Renaissance

Lorenzode Medici, only at 17years and the heir to the dynasty, frustrates amurderous plot against his father saving his family from an attemptedcoup. Despite this, the Medici is still in control of Florence,however, they are now extra safety measures and they pick a usefulbride for Lorenzo. Orsini, the baron’s daughter, and the nice tothe cardinal bring to the Medici connections, class, and mostimportant military strength to the Medici family. Away from politics,business is good as witnessed in the workshop of Florence, as artistslike Sandro Botticelli go ahead and redefine the renaissance itself,thus, the magnificent Medici.

Part3 Medici-Godfathers of the Renaissance

Inthe part 3 of the Medici Godfathers video, the 26 year oldMichelangelo manages to curve a giant work of art, that symbolizingthe struggle he under goes under the family he once respected. Theyare sent to exile at a young age with a bounty on their headshowever, they are now searching for a way back. Florence on its partis thriving without the Medici, however, the city is under threat andLeonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo team up to produce the Florentinebattles. Nevertheless, through violence and terror on the people, theMedici regain control of Florence, though not the loyalty of itspeople. With the death of the pope, the cardinals converged in Rome,to deliberate a new pope, where after long sessions, Giovanni deMedici is pronounced as Pope, and the Medici have a pope.


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