Mere Christianity by Lewis

MereChristianity by Lewis

“Andout of that hopeless attempt has come nearly all that we call humanhistory- money, poverty, ambition, war, prostitution, classes,empires, slavery- the long terrible story of man trying to findsomething other than God which will make him happy”(Lewis, 27)

Iagree with Lewis’s words. In this statement, Lewis refers to thepractices of our forefathers who were influenced by Satan to thinkthat they can be like gods. They thought that they could be on theirown and be their master as if they were responsible for theircreation. However, they were mistaken. Men forget that there is asupreme power that is responsible for the creation of human beings,and that is above the knowledge of all people. Human beings do notlive by their grace, but by the grace of the supreme power, that isGod. Men resulted to looking for other means of satisfying theirneeds, mostly turning to ungodly practices. Man ended up loving moneyand fame more than God. He put his trust on the earthly things thatsatisfy his ego, not knowing that God is the creator, and man ismandated to follow God’s will.

Peoplehave turned against each other, fought and taken each other ascaptives and ruled against those who cannot fight for their freedom.He has turned to evils that are contrary to the teachings of God andthat do not make God happy. As a result, God is not happy with whatthe reactions of man. He has brought events to punish men, and theseevents are beyond human control. That is why incidences of povertyand war among other life threatening events have characterized theworld. These misfortunes have made men become enemies of each other,accuse each other and take advantage of others in order to fight themisfortunes, but all in vain.

“Aslong as you are proud you cannot know God. A proud man is alwayslooking down on things and people: and, of course, as long as you arelooking down, you cannot see something that is above you” (Lewis,57)

Iconcur with Lewis in this statement. Knowing God requires men to comedown and see them as incomparable beings as far as God is concerned.In the case where a person comes up against something, it is likelythat he or she will try to show superiority than the others.Therefore, if a man does not know God and does not consider himselfas inferior compared to God, then he does not know God. The recipe oflooking down on others if proudness. Proudness causes people toconsider their views as superior that that of others and tend to ruleover them. They do not let others air their views or contribute inany way. They consider their words final and not subject to anydisagreements. That means that they are on the top of the ladder, andthe other people are down the ladder.

Humilityis the principle trait towards knowing God. A proud person isunlikely to acknowledge God because he or she does not consideranything above him or her. People of this nature consider themselvesas guides to their life, and they do not think that any creature caninfluence how they live or think. Due to their high ego, they believethat they can make decisions regarding their lives and that of otherpeople. They deny that any supreme power has control over their life,and mostly think that God does not exist. They, therefore, think thatthey are responsible for their living, and nobody can influence themanner they conduct their life.


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