Methods of measuring customer satisfaction

Methodsof measuring customer satisfaction

Customersatisfaction is a measure of how products or services supplied to thecustomer meet his/her own expectations. Yuksel&amp Yuksel (2001), suggested that, only with reliable customerfeedback, gathered through an adequate and appropriate assessmentframework, can managers be in possession of facts that will allowthem to implement satisfaction improvement programs. Direct andindirect methods of measuring customer satisfaction are used.

Directmethods. Here we directly contact the customer and getting theirfeedback. This can be achieved through direct conversation with thecustomer, listening to customer complaints (customer’s desk),feedback through third party agencies, surveys and administration ofquestionnaires can be done, market visit to gather information on theproducts and services offered to customers and identify theirstrengths and weaknesses. Feedbacks judges the satisfaction level ofthe customer.

Indirectmethods. Here, we listen to customer complaints that is issues andproblems reported by the customer to supplier in regards to anyspecific product or related service. The trend is checked over time.If complaints are diminishing in a specific period of time, means theorganization is performing well and the customers are satisfied. Ifcomplaints are arising, something needs to be done.

Apartfrom complain we can also check the customer loyalty. Theorganization should interact with the organization on a regular basisto learn and determine individual needs and respond accordingly. Aloyal customer revisits supplier to obtain more regularly meaninghe/she is satisfied.

Thoughexpensive and much involving, direct methods are the best to measurecustomer satisfaction. This is because you get to know what thecustomer experienced, strengths and weakness of the product/serviceand how it can be improved to suit one’s need.

Researchtools to identify customer needs

Administera questionnaire and conduct an interview to potential customers. Thetwo methods are convenient and easy to implement.


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