MLA style


MLAsimply means Modern Language Association, a style is most normallyused to write papers as well citing sources in these papers.

Formatsfor the first page Margins

Inevery page that utilizes MLA format, it has a one-inch margin on allsides of this page.

Spacingand indentions

Thecontent of the page is always double spaced. The paragraphs in MLAhave indentation of one and a half inch.


InMLA, paging begins from the first page to the last page with numeralsbeing positioned on the upper right side of the page. The numerals inpaging are placed approximately one and a half inch from the top.Upon placing the page numbers, the student’s last name is placedbefore in every page to ensure that in case a page detaches from theentire work, it’s easier to trace the owner (Gibaldi, Joseph 16).

Identificationsand title

Since does not incorporate a title page, the student’s name,instructor`s name, the course titles, as well as the date are writtenon separate lines in this order on the upper left of the first page.The identification and title are one inch from the top of the paper.The identification lines are double-spaced from each other.

Formatsfor the last page

Thelast page contains Works Cited lists all of the sources used in thepaper. This is placed at the last page of the paper on a new numberedpage.

Inorder to place the last page on a new numbered page a pagebreak is added at the end of the text on the last page of the essay.

Thepage is labeled Works Cited which centered in plain text. The pagecontent is double spaced all through. The first line in the citationis not indented however, all the other additional lines are indentedby half inch

WorkCited for

InMLA, references are placed as works cited and appears at the end ofthe paper. WorksCited List offersthe information necessary in identification and retrieval of sourcesthat supports the research (Pringle,Michael, and Gonzales 44).

  • The list is arranged in by authors` last names alphabetical order and in case the sourced don’t have authors the title starts.

  • In case several publishers are listed, include all of them by placing a semicolon between each.

  • The first line of the entry flush is aligned with the left margin, while all subsequent lines are indented thereby to forming a hanging indent.


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