Modifying an Assessment

Modifyingan Assessment

Modifyingan Assessment

Ramonbeing a Pre-Emergent/emergent student, it is evident that he lacksthe English skills necessary to help him communicate, retell storiesthat he has heard or even add details to drawings (Florez, 2010).Thus, Ramon has insufficient skills in English to be able to put upwith the designed curriculum hence need for specific support in theEnglish language. To ensure that Ramon meets the learning targetwhich entails description of how Paleolithic people lived an easyassessment design is necessary (Florez, 2010).

Thethinking strategy could cover the understanding of Paleolithicpeople. The vocabulary must well be understood and should includePaleolithic, living, Neolithic and migration. On the composing area,Ramon has to be evaluated on the tools that were used in Paleolithicera. In pairing Ramon and another student, he should be put with arelatively able student (proficient) who can assist him. Ramon shouldbe put in a group of his choice depending on the concept that heunderstands most. Ramon should then be allowed to “teach” hisgroup members on the understanding of their chosen concept beforeteaching the rest of the class.

Underthe reflection section, Ramon should compare the living ofPaleolithic people and the way his family lives. In drawing, Ramonshould be given pictures of Paleolithic people to study first thendraw after understanding the picture contents. Upon successfullycompleting this, he should be given 2 units pre-test with the secondpre-test addressing the areas of weaknesses observed in the firstpre-test. After successfully completing the formative assessment, heshould then be tested for the summative assessment.

Themodified assessment for Ramon will assist him to grow and developemotionally, socially as well as physically owing to theunderstanding of his needs. His emotional needs will be boostedthrough understanding of his strength and needs. Throughunderstanding of Ramon’s misconceptions, the teacher is able toidentify opportunities for his learning assessment (Florez, 2010).This boosts the overall morale of Ramon and hence his capability inlearning.


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