Moments of Truth


Momentsof Truth

Momentsof Truth at the Hotel

Inthe hotel context, the moments of truth are situations when thereaction of the customers is made known to the hotel through thestaff. These are the moments that reveal the response of the customertowards the service that they received from the hotel. In terms ofthe quality of food, space and service, customer value what the hotelgives against the value that they pay. When the employees of thehotel get to know of the reaction of customers, they experience themoment of truth about themselves. According to Smith(2012), thereare failed moments of truth and successful moments of truth. For thehotel, the goal is to increase the successful moments of truth.

Therefore,I would challenge the heads of departments to work towards increasingthe prevalence of good moments of truth and avoiding failed momentsof truth. This will be achieved by reducing the negative customerexperiences with the hotel through the provision of quality servicesto customers. However, I would challenge the heads of department atthe hotel to reduce the moments of truth as much as possible whileproviding the same high level services.

Oneof the examples of moment of truth at the hotel can happen at thereception when the attendant is explaining to a client about thefacilities at the hotel rooms. The second moment of truth can happenwhen a sales executive is showing the customer the conference roomafter his company has already paid to use it for their corporatetraining. The third example of a moment of truth would happen whenthe store keeper would be handing customer with the key to the roomhe had booked for the night and the customer reacts to the conditionof the room.


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