Shaunof the Deadis an illustration of a film, which merges both horror and comedy tocreate a horror-comedy genre. The reason for selecting the genre isthat both aspects are apparent in the movie as acted out by thecharacters. In instances where horror becomes evident, it is mixedwith a comic relief on viewers (Phillips, 2009). For instance, whenShaun and Ed initially meet the zombies one-on-one in the garden, thescene is hilarious as well as frightening. The same hybrid genre isapparent in Zombieland.The film comprises of zombies and body mutilations characteristic ofhorror genre. In addition, there is the use of phallic weapons, likethe baseball bats, as well as toilet flush cover in the movie(Prince,2004).The lead character, Columbus is a perfect illustration of malereliance on the woman to depict his subjectivity. He endeavors toprove his existence as a man by becoming a superhuman murderer.

Science fiction regards to a genre where the narratives frequentlyinform on prospective science and technology (Staskowski,1992).The genre has an association with the rules of science the storiesentail partially factual – fake rules and hypothesis of science.Types of stories include those of aliens or individuals that havegone to space. The actions typically involve circumstances uniquefrom those of current day and the recognized past (Johnston,2011).There comprises of a human aspect, narrating what effect adventdiscoveries, events and scientific advancements may have onindividuals in prospect. The future is usually frightening becausethe stories create a world where individuals are unable to survive,for instance a world where aliens embark on killing humans. Possiblestrategies to changing the genre may include making the stories morereal and changing the setting. An illustration would be setting astory on earth instead of space. In the case where aliens areapparent, science fiction may depict a world where individuals liveharmoniously with the aliens instead of, both groups fighting eachother.


BladeRunner (1982)is an illustration of a film based on an original screenplay. It is ascience fiction movie, which represents a dystopian Los Angeles. Thefilm and screenplay are accessible, and comprise of more similaritiesthan differences. The disparity is that the movie derived from anovel, featured more on environmental factors, and minimally on humanand faith factors. The vice versa applies to the novel, whichcomprised of humanity as well as faith as its major themes. Thesimilarity apparent is that the film and screenplay reflect a worldthat is envisioned. The objective is to create a science fictionthemes screenplay and movie. They focus on the creation of a globethat is non-existent, but one, which is possible to imagine in thesame way by readers of the screenplay and viewers of the movie. Anaspect enhancing the similarity between the screenplay and film isthat the two enhance each other.


Braveheart(1995)is a fiction film whose basis is the historical account of a 13th eraScot soldier. The soldier led Scots during their initial warresulting in the liberation of Scott. The film follows closelyprevious historical accounts of the historic period. The soldier,William Wallace, as well becomes the main character employed in thefilm. The movie acts as a depiction of the historic period, makingpublic regions in Scotland previously unfamiliar to viewers. However,there have been changes made to achieve dramatic effect. The changesinclude the course of the war, and happenings prior to the battleresulting in Scott’s emancipation. Unnecessary alterations are notapparent in the film, as the objective is to depict the Wallace’sheroism.


CloudAtlas (2012)is a science fiction movie, which is an adaptation of a 2004 novelbearing the same title. The film is an analysis of the way thepersonal actions have an effect on each other in prospect, currentand past life. Both movie and film span six hundred years, whichsymbolic features like the general arc informing of the phases in theemergence and fall of an international community monopoly. It impliesthat the movie, takes viewers through the main narrative slowlyunfolding in the novel. Since the themes, and how the characters actout is the same in the novel and film, no changes have been made inthe adaptation.


Zombielandis an illustration of a movie founded on numerous sources. The moviehas real life examples, borrows from fictional movie traits inaddition to humor. All the sources are real as they work towardsenhancing the fictional element of the movie however, the fictionalmovie trait sources are more real due to the inclusion of zombies.The film is a product of numerous cultures. It depicts the male andfemale culture in different manners. The male culture is one thatsurvives through depicting its superiority to the female. On thecontrary, the film depicts a culture where the woman surpassesmale-oriented culture expectations, and progresses to seek similarachievements like men.


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