Classicalmusic has become globally recognized for its ability to provideteaching lessons. Besides, classical music has become a significantpart of studying. In case I was a given a chance to choose a piece ofclassical music, I would choose the FourSeasons.This piece of classical music strongly connects with the feelingsthat I have for music.

Oneof the reasons for identifying with this piece of classical music isdue to its catchy tunes, which propel the music forward that neveroverstay their welcome (Chew51). The tunes to music are very critical since they give the music ataste. People will always identify with the tunes of a particularmusic that are catching and ignore music, whose tunes are boring. Forthis piece of music, the tune is attractive and welcoming to listento. Because of its irresistibility, I strongly identify with thispiece. The tunes of this classical piece are such that one can listento from time to time without getting bored. As such, I stronglyconnect with the music because I can repeatedly listen to the musicseverally without getting bored.

Anotherreason for strongly identifying with the FourSeasonsis because the music is relaxing (Chew51). Some music do not have well controlled beats, which imply thatthey can create noise, when one wants to relax. In a relaxingenvironment, ones would love to listen to music that has a soothingbeat. The FourSeasons providesoothing beats, which make it good when one thinks of relaxing.Whenever, I am studying, I can listen to the music since it providesbeats that do not create noise.

Besides,I strongly identify with the piece because it can help in teachingteens of the different seasons. The FourSeasonscan be seen as program music that identifies with the four seasonsspring, summer, fall, and winter (Chew52). Since I usually interact with teens, I can use this piece ofmusic in teaching them of the four seasons. Apart from providing ateaching plan to teens, this piece also helps in relating todifferent programs that I have during the fall seasons. Any moment Ilisten to this piece of classical music, I usually think of what Ihave done in the previous season and what I am planning to do in thecoming seasons. For example, when it is in winter, I usually identifythe season with what I have achieved during the season and reviewwhat I will do during the spring season. Indeed, it acts as areminder that there is a coming season and I should prepare well forit.

Inaddition, I strongly identify with the FourSeasonsbecause it is constructed in a manner that lets one in easily. Themovements are usually concise, which makes it be perceived a modularmusic. I do not love music that has a lot of movements, but likemusic that contains little movements. With this kind of preference,the FourSeasonsfits so well as the best choice, when choosing classical music.Furthermore, I identify with this piece of classical music because itis easy to memorize and repeat the words in the music (Chew56). Every person would like to choose music that he/she can sing thewords easily. As such, this piece of classical music emerges as thebest option since its words are easy to sing along.


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