My Personal Statement on Dream and Degree

MyPersonal Statement on Dream and Degree

Mydream in life is to establish a large multinational company whichwill touch people’s lives by offering a fast, reliable andefficient logistics services. According to my personal philosophy,there are two most important days is a person’s life. These daysare the birthday and the day when a person realizes the reason andthe purpose he or she was born. While I regularly celebrate mybirthday, I must state that I have the other most special day in mylife. Three years ago, I realized the purpose in life and the reasonwhy I was born. This purpose is summed up in the dream that I intendto achieve through the educational system that has brought me to seekfor the degree in business management in the University of Alabama.

Thedegree in business management at the University of Alabama will helpme achieve my dream in three main ways. First, the degree willprovide me with the right qualification to get entry into thecorporate sector through employment. I intend to work with amultinational company in the logistics industry for a period of fiveyears before starting my own logistics firm. Secondly, the universitydegree will provide me with the right personal communication skillsthat will help me to form the right relationships in life. Theserelationships will help me to create a network of business partnersand possible clients in the global environment. Finally, theuniversity degree will provide me with knowledge about the globalbusiness environment. This will widen my thinking about my dream ofowning a global business.

Therefore,I will be highly committed to achieve my best performance at theuniversity. To do this, I will implement the best time managementskills and aids for a student in modern day. One of the skills willbe using time reminders on the personal calendar and mobile devices.Secondly, I will implement the skill of regular group works anddiscussion with my colleagues. The involvement of friendship skillsand sharing experiences will allow others to remind me of my role asa student. Moreover, sharing experiences with other students willallow me to learn the skills they have and share the knowledge forbetter performance.

Thepersistence on the involvement of my colleagues in studies is becausemy preferred learning style is group discussions and group projects.I prefer this learning style because it offers the members of a groupthe opportunity to learn through the understanding of others. Iintend to incorporate group learning in my degree course byidentifying the compatible colleagues. I will form a group of fourcolleagues who are focused as I am and ready to get the best out ofthe university.

Moreover,I will importantly, focus on the use of the support system of theuniversity. The support system provides the assistance that studentsneed for academic and personal affairs. Through the office of thedean, the support system will give the students the most appropriateguidance on careers and the choice of the best courses. As a firstclass educational institution, the University of Alabama provides thebest support for students to achieve the best in their courses(University of Alabama, 1). This is the support I intend to utilizefor my success. In addition, the support system enables students tointeract with the university by considering their views. Through thecommitment I have for my future and to my dream, I will appreciate ifI am considered for the degree course in business management at theuniversity.


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