My Virtual Child Questions

MyVirtual Child Questions


Myvirtual child questions

Question 1

I learnt that parents could identify the needs of an infant fromtheir cries. This helps them to give the infants what they need andto take care of them in a correct way. I was also surprised to learnthat crying is an opportunity for parents to bond with children,rather than a sign of discontent from the children. MyVirtualChild(2013) asserts that by observing a child, a parent can understand theneeds of a child when crying. I also learnt that there aredifferences in children’s cries the first stage is a basic softcry, which is a sign of discomfort, followed by a more intense cry,signifying sadness, and the loudest cry, which is mostly anexaggeration due to either attention or lack of it.

Question 2

The most useful learning experience was the growth stages of a child.As a child grows, there are important physical and emotional changes,as they approach their early ages. For instance, the kneesstrengthen, their hands develop more firm grip and they beginunderstanding their surroundings and recognizing people.

Question 3

I learnt that breakfast is very important for children. This isbecause after the long night’s sleep, the energy levels are quitelow, and the child may not be vitalized enough to carry on with therest of the day. Children need plenty of carbohydrates as part oftheir meals

Question 4 My view of childhood has certainly changed. Children deservemuch more attention than most adults would think. I know understandthat a parent needs to spend more time with their children, insteadof handing them over to child day-care nurseries. I suppose my childrearing was not the same as today’s childcare trends. Question5

Based on question number 4, I shall allocate reasonable time betweenmy child and work, to be able to bond more with them and provide fortheir future.


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