New York


Ihave had a fascination with the city of for quite some timenow. It is a city I knew I wanted to visit one day and now that Ihave it is a city I would revisit again and again simply because ofthe experience I garnered there. I took the Transit tTrain, and myjourney began from this point. The train was grimy but offeredcomfort and I ended up with an experience I have never had before,crossing the Hudson River, ending up in a train station that iscrammed full and climbing up the stairs out of the station to end upon the streets to inhale the city air. I was intent on doing anythingthat grips the life and experience.

NewYork is defined by buildings which are extremely tall, and able tocatch your eye at an instance. Skyscrapers define the skyline (Angio, 2014). is referred to as an architecturalmarvel and apart from the skyscrapers it hosts historic monumentsand magnificent buildings. The World Trade Centre rising to 1776 feetis the tallest building in the United States and it ranks fourth inthe tallest buildings in the world. The Empire State building is addsto the architectural distinct in (Angio, 2014) and is alandmark that is well known. The Statue of Liberty and theMetropolitan Museum are part of the tourist attraction sin .

Apartfrom the skyline the city’s streets are characterized by manypeople walking, from different ethnicities. The population in NewYork is big judging by what you see on the streets. The people on thestreet give meaning to the statement that is a capital ofnew fashions. Individuals in are intact with their culturefrom how they dress and talk. They act like they are still living intheir own country. The people are loyal to their culture and theirsense of fashion and this is what I find most fascinating about NewYork. The common language is not minimized to English and there aredifferent accents you can pick up from different individuals on thestreets.

Asa visitor, I enjoy this element in . It is easy tocommunicate and find my way around due to diverse culture in thepopulation. On getting to meet people, they are really friendly. Theyare homely and welcoming helpful in the instance that I needdirections or I have general questions. They eased my ability tomaneuver around. When they noticed I was a tourist, they werefascinated to know more about where I was from. I spotted peoplehanging out in different groups, all looking different in looks andprofessional background. It was amazing to see them all hang outtogether. This experience is similar to every visitor as they arewelcoming to different people. Africa is a tourist destination andone is able to find a similar experience as it is in City.

NewYork has restaurants in abundance. Statistics show that records the highest number of restaurants as compared to the othercities in the United States. This is another unique fact about NewYork. This element could be a affected by the fact that people ofdifferent cultures are present in . They would easily basetheir choices on going out on ethnic category. I could easily find adelicacy from any country in Chinese, Indian, Japanese andany dish I wanted to sample.

Someof the other facilities present to visitors include different museumsin . They are located in Museum Mile which stretched on FifthAvenue (Angio, 2014). The most famous is the Metropolitan Museum ofArt. The National Academy Museum &amp School, Jewish Museum, NeueGalerie are just but a few of the Museums in Museum Mile. CentralPark is characterized by diversity in the landscape that is sculptedby the human hand. It forms the centerpiece of ’s publicparks. I managed to visit Lincoln Center of performing arts whichhosts several performances every year. It was an enriching way topass time during my afternoon. The metropolitan opera is anotherrecreational facility in that is available to visitors.

NewYork City stands out as a tourist attraction center and differentindividuals make their stop here every year. This has severalimpacts. There is economic growth due to the revenue generated by thetourist activities. There are also employment opportunities in thefacilities that draw the tourists as well as accommodation areas aswell as restaurants. In addition, there is mingling of differentcultures and this ensures a diversity making it easy for foreignersto fit in. has a variety of elements that promote the artsas a profession and it ensures talent is grown. These are museums,art galleries, dance studios and opera centers.

Thenegative impact to the surrounding community is an increase in thepopulation. This means that accommodation rates increase due toscarcity. A flow of people means a ready market for goods andservices. This in turn affects price in general and the residents inthe surrounding community will be able to access goods and servicesat high prices due to the ready consumer supply that is .

NewYork employs different strategies to market itself. The residents arehospitable to foreigners. This makes it easy for new people to fit inas it means that they are welcomed. Residents engage the visitors,who find the surrounding unfamiliar and help by offering the basicinformation (Ritchie &amp Crouch, 2003). also boasts avariety of restaurants which cater to different culinary cultures. Toa foreigner, this gives the message that accommodatesdifferent individuals from different cultures. Therefore, one caneasily visit the city or choose to stay but not lose the familiarelements of their own culture.


Ritchie,J. R. B. &amp Crouch, I. G. (2005). The Competitive Destination: ASustainable Tourism Perspective. 1stEdition. CABL Publishing. London.