Nickelodeon Sandbox Video Game Executive

NickelodeonSandbox Video Game Executive Summary

NickelodeonSandbox video game Executive Summary

NickelodeonSandbox Video Game uses the most advanced technology to provide videoproduction services. The company provides the highest level ofquality that was previously reserved for rich video productioncompanies. Nickelodeon Sandbox Video Game combines multiple differentcharacters from separate show, which are similar to the DisneyInfinity Video Game. Although it a new company, Nickelodeon SandboxVideo Game is determined to work hard to meet the market acceptance.Therefore, the company is working hard to determine the needs of thecustomer, the trends in the video games industries, and thestrategies to address the needs of the customers.

Themain goal of Nickelodeon Sandbox Video Game is to combine classicshows with the older shows to bring in a younger market, as well as anostalgic older market. The current list of shows that the we drawcharacters are Avatar:The Last Airbender, Penguins of Madagascar,Kung-FuPanda,SpongeBobSquarePants&nbsp,TheWinx Club,RocketPower,TeenageMutant Ninja Turtles, Danny Phantom,TheWild Thornberrys,JimmyNeutron,Rugrates,and FairlyOdd Parents. We target to market our video to television stations,schools, companies, and families. However, we will initially targettelevision stations with whom we plan to establish strategicalliances, as well as establish long-term relationships.

NickelodeonSandbox Video Game Company will be competing with several video gamescompanies.However, we have a competitive advantage because our equipments arealigned with video production industry trends that is, theequipments have digital technology unlike other companies that haveanalog devices (Abrams,2003).In the first two years of business, we target to capture 20 to 25% ofthe market and record high sales.


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