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Bullyingis the act in which a person is forced to do something by anotherperson or by a group of people and most times it is repeated. It isusually done physically, where one may be beaten, or verbally, wherethey abuse one using foul words. It is most common in schools wherechildren and teenagers are harassed by others, but also takes placein workplaces. Cyber bullying is also another form of bullying and isdone through the use of technology. Bullies enjoy hurting people andthis may be caused by stress as they want to release it (Phye, 10).

Effectsof Bullying

Theact of bullying has serious effects on the victims, especiallyemotionally. Bullying victims usually have low self-esteem becausethey think that they are inferior to the bullies. They thereforeinvolve themselves in fewer activities and may always feel like theyshould be alone. The victims avoid making new friends because theyalways fear that they might become their victims even when that’snot the case. They also feel scared because they fear the bullies andthe act may be repeated. School going children and teenagers missschool so that they avoid the bullies. Academic performance is alsoaffected due to lack of concentration and also missing school(Harlin, 33).

Bullyingvictims also get depressed as they feel left out. They feel theydon’t fit into a certain group or with certain people. They areharassed by the bullies and therefore feel depressed and keepremembering what they went through. These feelings of depression canlead to suicide or the thought of committing suicide. Many teenagershave committed suicide after being bullied. This is because of lackof support as they do not know where to turn to. Victims of bullyingmay sometimes revenge due to anger and this ends up doing even moredamage. Bullying victims may bully others as a way to revenge makingit difficult to eradicate this act (Harlin, 38).

Bullyingcan have long term effects on both the bully and the victim. Adultswho were bullied as children may be develop anxiety and depression.On the other hand, bullies are healthier as adults as they know howto protect themselves and they do not have much stress as they feelin control (Phye, 44).

Remediesof Bullying

Goodparenting skills can help in stopping bullying. This will work forboth the bullies and the victims because good advice will make bothparties deal with their issues and emotions better. This will helpthe children grow well without carrying negative feelings toadulthood. Teaching children to be self-confident and alsoappreciating others can also help in eliminating the act.Participation of everyone or the community is needed to stop bullies.This includes teachers, parents, the authorities and the public. Lawswhich protect people from bullies should also be addressed (Harlin,46).


Bullyingshould be taken seriously because it has an effect on both thevictims and the bullies. The long term effects of this act should beconsidered. Children should be taught values to uphold so as to stopit from an early stage. The internet should be safer to avoid cyberbullying. Bullying slows down individual development for both thevictim and the bully and therefore should be stopped to ensurehealthy individuals who can maximize their abilities.


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