Observation Media Effects

Observation:Media Effects

Inmy observation, I observed an eight year old boy playing MortalKombat game. I recorded my observations, with particular interest inbehavioral adjustments that occurred. Before the game, I hadinteracted with the child to see how he behaves normally. I wanted toestablish the relationship between playing video game and behavior.Here are my findings.

1)How did his or her demeanor change during the course of the hour?

Whenthe boy started the game, he was in a calm r what I can call a stablestate. As the game unfolded through the various stages, I could seethe boy get more and more excited. He had been sitting on the couchplaying, but it came a moment when he could stand, jump, and shout asthe game got violent. Specifically in instances when he was finishingoff an opponent through a fatality that involved graphic fashion, hecould make sounds like a real fighter. In instances when he lost, hebecame emotionally distressed, complaining and even swearing that hewould teach his opponent a lesson in a fresh game.

2)How was their behavior different while playing than under normalcircumstances (did they say things or acts in ways that are nottypical)?

Thebehavior of the boy was changing as he was playing. He was moving upand down the couch trying to fight an opponent in the televisionscreen. When the game was over or restarting the game again afterlosing, he could stay calm and withdrawn. In the case where heconquered his opponent he would make noise, shout and scream as hejumped up and down. He would suddenly get composed for the next stageof the game, showing a lot of anxiety each time the game was loading.He also confessed that, in an event he leaves the room and engages inphysical play with other kids, he gets rough and feels the urge toplay aggressive games.

3)After making the observations, interview the individual to assess hisor her observations of how he or she have been physically oremotionally affected.

Afterinterviewing the boy on how playing the game had affected hisphysical and emotional experience. He said that, while playing thegame, he was experiencing a feeling of flight, the one that one feelswhen engaging in an actual fight. Put in his words, the boy said “Ifelt like it was here”.He said that his body temperatures actually rose by a margin duringthe time that he was playing. In fact, after the game I noticed himremoving his jacket. Physically, he admitted that, in the instancesthat I saw him jump up and down, he was adjusting his body inaccordance to what the brain was experiencing. He was feeling like itwas an actual thing, hence used body movement and shouting andscreaming to try and control events in the game. He also confessedthat, in an event he leaves the room and engages in physical playwith other kids, he gets rough and feels the urge to play aggressivegames.

4)Was Social Learning Theory Option 2 there an effect?

Inmy observation and interview with the lad, I saw the social learningtheory in play. Social learning is a school of thought within mediaeffects study that implies a relationship between mass media andbehavior. As the boy played the game, he could feel its influence onhis brain. This is explained by the movements and the sounds he wasmaking when playing the game. Apart from physical change in behavior,emotional behavior was influenced. The fight and flight effectbrought about by adrenaline influence behavior. This was the effectthat the boy must have been experiencing that altered his behavior.