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OfficeInformation System

Anoffice information system, abbreviated as OIS, refers to aninformation system that helps in making communication and workflowwithin the organization efficient. Through the use of software andhardware, the interaction among employees within the organization isenhanced. This system is instrumental in ensuring that employeescarry out their tasks with the use of modern technological devicessuch as computers. As a result, tasks are performed electronicallywithin the organization, and there is use of the internet forcommunication purposes. With the increased use of these systems inthe workplace, it has become possible to employ the use of onlineplatforms as compared to the manual systems used in the past. Thispaper discusses the office information as a crucial informationsystem needed in organizations. The essay will also highlight thesoftware and hardware requirements of this system, and the featuresand functions of the system.

Inorder to ensure that this system fulfills the intended purposes,there are certain software and hardware component that should beincorporated in the system. The software used by the officeinformation system include excel spreadsheets, word processor, webbrowsers, e-mail, presentation graphics, personal informationmanagement, as well as Web page authoring. The hardware used in thissystem include video cameras, computers and modems, fax machines,microphones, speakers, as well as scanners. Both the software andhardware should be used together and each component is needed in theentire system. In the office information systems, spreadsheets referto computer applications used to present data through tables that arearranged in columns and rows. The values presented in the tables canbe computed using mathematical ratios. This application is usefulwhen carrying out calculations in an organization. Word processor isa computer application that enables the use to type words and createa document that can later be edited and printed into hard copy. Whendocuments are created, there are stored electronically in thecomputer hard disk or in floppy disks (D`Atri, 2008).

Theother software that forms a crucial component of office informationsystem is a web browser. Web browsers provide internet users with theopportunity to interact with other users of the internet. Browsersalso refer to interfaces that help users navigate the World Wide Web.Some of the most common browsers used in this system include MozillaFirefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera Miniamong others. The widely used web browser&nbspis internet explorerhowever, in the recent times, internet users have come to realize theother browsers and this has increased their use significantly. E-mailis an electronic platform that enables users to exchange informationstored in computers through the use of interne. Through e-mail, userscan send files, which are attached to the Google accounts such, Hotmail, Gmail among others. Since it was introduced,e-mail has been the most commonly used internet product with millionsof users exchanging texts via e-mail (Shajahan, 2007).

Accordingto Shelly and Misty (2008), presentation graphics is another crucialsoftware used in the office information systems. Through the use ofthis software, internet users can create images that have uniquestyles, which can be used in reports, as well as slide shows. Thefeatures of this software provide users with the opportunity tochoose the font size they prefer while inserting text. In addition,the data used in the slides can be obtained from other computerapplications such as word document and spreadsheets. Web authoring isalso a software required in office information systems thisapplication enables the computer user to use desktop publishing indeveloping a website. With the use of this software, the user has theability to alter the web page and make it look appealing. Personalinformation systems are also required when installing an officeinformation system. For example, in business organizations, thissoftware is required to store crucial information about theemployees. With such an application, it becomes possible to retrievedata about employees.

Shajahan(2007) asserts that hardware requirement also forms a crucialcomponent of the office information system. The most vital hardwareneeded in this system is the computers. Computers form the basis forall the activities carried out in the systems since they are used tostore texts, either in a word document, excel spreadsheets or asgraphic data. The computers used in this systems should have modems,which are used to access the internet. Modems provide a wireless formof internet connection within the office information system. They canbe carried with a lot of ease, and as such, they can be convenientlyused in different situations. Video cameras are also crucialcomponents of office information systems. They enhance surveillancewithin the organization and provide businesses the opportunity tomonitor the activities taking place in its premises. Organizationsrely heavily on CCTV cameras to avert crimes such as theft.

Speakersand microphones can also be considered as vital hardware in thisinformation system. This is because they make communication effectiveand efficient. Speakers ensure that audio messages are passed to thelisteners with much ease. Microphones also enhance teleconferencingand business meetings since a single person can address a largeaudience. Scanners are needed in the computer hardware of the systemsince they help in copying of information. Scanners can also be usedto share graphics and photographic materials. Fax machines form partof the hardware component in this information system. They print thecopies of data and then send to other locations (Shelly and Misty,2008).

Oneof the common features of office information systems includes the useof communications technology. The systems use technology to sharecrucial information within the organization. The commonly usedtechnology in these systems includes videoconferencing, facsimile, aswell as voice mail. The exchange of electronic data is also evidentin this system where texts, videos, audios, as well as graphics areexchanged between the users. Office information systems are usefulsince they enhance the exchange of data and information within theorganization. Through this system, it is possible for an organizationto carry out some functions such as accounting, as well asscheduling. All people within the organization benefit from the useof this system since business functions can be conducted faster thanwhen a manual system is used (D`Atri, 2008).

Inconclusion, the office information system is essential since itallows business activities to be carried out efficiently.Organizations that use such a system find it easy to interact withtheir employees since information can be shared using platforms suchas the internet. The system requires some hardware and software inorder to function properly. The software required in the systeminclude word processing, spreadsheet, web browser, and graphicpresentation among others. The hardware required include modems,computers, fax machines and scanners.


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