Outline Gaming around the world Unit


Outline:Gaming around the world


2.Gaming around the world

2.1highlight countries


Leadsthe world in PC game as opposed to video games. Increased use ofiPads and downloadable games from apple store and Google play havedriven popularity.


Reliesmore on gaming consoles such as Nintendo-Wii and Play station. Mostconsole based video games are developed in Japan

3.Other gaming countries

Koreaand China are also leading gaming countries. Unlike Japan, Korea andChina have adapted better PC games.

2.2effect of gaming culture


Variousgames have amassed fan bases in Japan with some aping their heroese.g. hairstyles

Hasaffected new games developed with the visual novel genre of gamesoriginating in the country (Picard 2008).

Diversemarketing strategies and games developed to target different marketsegments

2.3Trends in gaming

2.3.1Connection to social media

Gamedevelopers such Zynga have liaised with social sites such as Facebookto distribute games. This increases accessibility and reach.

Gamesallow users to connect with friends on social media also playing thegames

Allowsplayers to share and assist other on games connected to social mediasites such as Facebook

2.3.2Group gaming

Groupgaming enables players to join virtual teams and increases levels ofinteraction amongst players.

Encouragesmore participants to play games.

4.0Business model


4.1.1Arcade (pay per day)

-Locatedin high traffic areas such as theme parks where one payment caters toall day’s play

Mostlytarget player instincts rather than strategy

Basedon short term objectives

4.1.2retail outlets (pay per game)

Similarto arcade games but players pay per game. Also located in theme parksand busy shopping malls. Most are coin operated.

4.1.3Online and game portals

Requiresinternet connection through PC of internet enabled game consoles

Gamesare based on long term objectives store

Distributedvia mobile portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Mainplayers Google through Google Play and Apple through App Store. market places

Independentgames makers such as EA sports allow players to access and play gamesonline free or for a fee at their sites. For Zynga, most games arefree but some key features of the games require payment. Zynga has inthe past used social media site Facebook to distribute its games butnot distributes the games through its website.


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