Part One Pakistan Geography

PartOne: Pakistan Geography

Article1: Ikhlaq, Hassain. Geo-politicallocation of Pakistan, its unfortunate people. Thenation November 28, 2014.Accessed from

Thisarticle focuses on Pakistan geopolitical location which has attractedattention from different states wishing to advance their economicagenda. It is sandwiched amidst three subcontinents, West, South andCentral Asia. It is also encircled by three major powers, Russia,China and India and is also an important passage to most of centralAsia countries, Iran and Afghanistan. Pakistan position on the globalmap is not only strategic and is also extremely valuable tocommercial exploits in the region. In total since it got independencefrom Britain there have been six wars within it territory and at themoment the fight against terror is still ongoing (Ikhlaq1). Russia had always wanted to have access to thewarm water of the Indian Ocean, but British imperialism in hadoccupied the entire region and its domination in the ocean could notbe matched. Nonetheless after India and Pakistan gained independenceSoviet Union used it military prowess to get access to the IndianOcean, it attacked Afghanistan. In retaliation, United Statessupported Pakistan and Afghanistan to defeat Russia, something thatconsequently led to the dissolution of Soviet Union. China has beenone of the countries that have reaped massive benefit from thegeopolitical location of Pakistan. Instead of using war, Chinaapplied diplomacy and appeased the Pakistan government with projectsuch as the construction of the deep sea port (Ikhlaq1). As a result China has been able to gain accessto the Indian Ocean. India also recognizes the importance of Pakistanin its economic agenda and political differences have hampered anymeaningful relations between the two nations.

Article2: Abrar,Saeed. Govtagrees to resume talks with PTI. December02, 2014/ 2. Accessed from:

Thefocal point of this article is the deliberation that took placebetween Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and opposition leaderSha Syed. Top on the agenda was the move of the central government toresume talks with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Mr. Shahcriticized thegovernment for failing to engage in dialogue with the dissent groupand said that he believed that such talks will yield benefits (Abrar1). Shah said that failure to hold talks would go a long way inundermining the performance of government, and insisted thatnegotiation was the only solution to the political problems inPakistan.

Shahalso indicated that they are in the process of appointing the ChiefElection Commissioner and hoped that the judiciary will resolve theelections issues promptly. Shah emphasized that on December 6 hispart would paralyze all government functions in the country, inprotest of the ballot stuffing during the 2013 poll (Abrar 1).

Article3: Muhammad, Ashgar. Traders call for ending political crisis throughtalks.2014December 02,2014. Accessed from:

Themain gist of this article is the call by the business community inPakistan for the resolution of the political crisis through dialogueby all the concerned parties. The Lahore Chamber of Commerce andIndustry commonly referred to as LCCI , declared that they would notadhere to the call by the opposition party leader Shah to close theirbusinesses on 16 December. The leader of LCCI called upon politicalleaders to solve their dispute through legal mean and avoidinterfering with the operations of the private sector. They urged thegovernment to protect private businesses instead in leau of attendingdemonstrations called by opposition (Muhammad1).They emphasized that their organization is not a politicalorganization and as such will not participate in the demonstrationsor support call by PTI to close businesses. Nonetheless, APAT leadersindicated that government should allow opposition supporters toprotest and demonstrate because this is their constitution right. Allleaders from private sector organization criticized the governmentfor failing to solve crisis in through dialogue (Muhammad1).

Article4: Sajjad,Ashraf. Farmerslaud reduction in petroleum prices.December 02, 2014. Accessed from: discuses about the impacts of Prime ministers Sharif Nawazmove to cut the price of oil. The decision to reduce the oil priceshas gone down well with farmers, especially small scale farmers whoindicated that this will go a long way in lowering the cost ofproduction and increase productivity. Famers have urged the centralgovernment to ensure that the execution of the new price at gasolinestations and other selling point to ensure that farmers benefit fromthe relief. Nonetheless, one of the leader farmer indicated that ifthe prime minister wished to see a growing economy he shouldformulate policies to reduce the costs of all farming inputs andoffer loans and incentives (Sajjad 1).Article5: Fatima, Jinnah. LHC seeks Model Town probe report. December 02,2014. Accessedfrom: HighCourt in Lahore ordered the Pujab government to make public all thejudicial enquiry details on the Model town. The Punjab government wasdirected to hand over the sealed enquiry report to the High Court.This was after several individuals waged a petition to challengegovernment refusal to make the report public. Petitioner feared thatgovernment might be protecting those that were responsible for theModel Town incident (Fatima 1). Nonetheless, Qadri who is thespokesman of Punjab government would not accept the calls byopposition leader Khan for a nationwide closure of business. Qadriindicated that such actions would deal the nation a fatal blow botheconomically and politically. He indicated that government wouldstop all protests that were not in line with the constitution andthat posed danger to the public.

Article6: Shah, Nawaz. India hands over four Pakistani prisoners toPakistan.December 02, 2014. Accessed from:

Themain focus on this article is the return of Pakistan prisoners byIndian authorities to rangers in Pujab. Three prisoners were releasedafter Pakistan released Indian prisoners a month ago (Shah ). Thisoccurred after Pakistan had released Indian prisoners a month ago.While each country maintains allegations on the prisoners are false,it is yet to be seen how Pakistan and India will resolve diplomaticproblems that have bedeviled their relations for many years. Pakistan Essay

Mostof the articles exemplified above touch on the geopolitical setting.In the article ‘Geo-political location of Pakistan, itsunfortunate people’ it quite evident that the location ofPakistan is favorably for international business and is a strategicplace for foreign direct investment. But despite its strategiclocation Pakistan has not been able to exploit this advantage due toterrorism, lack of political stability and leadership, internalstrife and the ever volatile conditions near its border withcountries in Central Asia. Pakistan requires a shrewd diplomat andprofessional politician to be in a position to reap the benefit tiedto its location, and that would make it a trade hub.

Thesecond article, ‘Government agrees to resume talks with PTI’,the third article ‘Traderscall for ending political crisis through talks’,and the sixth article ‘LHCseeks Model Town probe report’all touch on the social and population setting. They all relate tothe crisis that has engulfed Pakistan after the fiercely contestedgeneral elections in 2013. Though Pakistan government has shownwillingness to engage in dialogue with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf(PTI) group, the leader of this group has called for the closure ofall business entities and called upon all workers not to report towork in order to paralyze government function. This is to call forthe attention of the government to respond to issues regardingirregularity in 2013 general elections and rights of the minoritygroups.This is what has prompted players in the private sector forgovernment protection so that protests planned on 16 December do notinterfere with the commercial operations. Thearticle titled ‘Farmerslaud reduction in petroleum prices’ toucheson economic setting. The move by Pakistan Premier to reduce the oilprices has augured well with small scale farmers, who would havefaced the blunt edge of the increasing oil prices. Economics settingrelates to all human activities geared toward production ofcommodities. Subsidies on oil will have the effect of lowering thecost of farming and increasing the returns. Thelast article on India handing over prisoners of Pakistan origin toPakistan authority falls under the umbrella of population andsettlement. Religious difference and territorial wrangles has createda rift between Pakistan and India. In the Wanga border Indian andPakistan rangers have exchanged prisoners, charged of various crimeswithin the territory (Shah 1). Conflict over resources is a commonscenario in locations where boundaries are contested and inneighboring countries that are suspicious of each other.