Personal Goals and Life Experiences as They Relate to


PersonalGoals and Life Experiences as They Relate to

SupplyChain Management

PersonalGoals and Life Experiences and Their Relationship to Supply ChainManagement

3.Please list three goals that you have for yourself right now.

Goalsare important to a quality life. A goal is a personal missionstatement involving careful and deep thinking into the desired futurestand and the task involved. Goals have been associated to wealth,satisfaction and well-being, optimism and confidence. Relationships,both personal and professional reap enormously from goals setting(Ryan, 2012). As a supply chain management student, I have thefollowing goals.

Myfirst goal is to find an internship in one of the best companies.Here, I intend to seize knowledge related to supply chain managementfrom the very basics to the perplexed knowledge. Subsequently, Iwould graduate from university. An internship is necessary for theadvancement of my course. Internship will help nourish my supplymanagement skills therefore, expanding my capacity to clinchcontracts and jobs.

Anothergoal that I aspire is to further my studies by pursuing an advanceddegree in supply chain administration at Michigan State University.Michigan State University is my next destination where I plan toadvance my studies. Advancement in my studies will offer me a betterchance in the supply management industry.

Revertto china. Here, I will initiate a great enterprise and run it inprecision putting to test the skills acquired in the course oflearning and more so in supply chain management. While I am back toChina, I ought to work in a supply management business where I willexhibit my skills and experiences. Using my skills in supplymanagement, I will capitalize on steering the advancement and growthof the business that hires me.

5.Please write a brief summary of your experiences and how they relateto or have prepared you for the major you are applying to?

Iam passionate about business. During the summer, I worked at theChina Disabled Person Federation, a unified organization comprisingof people with various forms of impairments, in Beijing China. Theorganization seeks to create awareness of people with disability, aswell as conduction of a community-based rehabilitation approach (CDPFWebsite). Incisively, the organization aims to perpetuatehumanitarianism, safeguard the rights of those with a disability, andpromote equal societal participation. Further, it contributes toeconomic growth and social development including equality in materialand cultural achievements throughout the society (CDPF 2002-2008). Inaddition to education, the china disabled person federation carry outprojects and business initiatives aimed at alleviating the problemsof unemployment among the disabled such as setting localized shopsand houses construction for the disabled. Despite the initiativesengaged by the disabled, there exist a limited number of items andtools including wheelchairs, to assist the disabled persons. Ianticipate in using the knowledge that I will acquire through supplychain management to minimize the cost of supply and maximize thecustomer value. Topics on product development, production, recordhandling, and information system through proper coordination arecrucial. It is a dream initiative to promote to the social andeconomic wellbeing of the society through cheap and affordable goodsfor this vulnerable group. Long and disorganized supply chain hasresulted to the high cost for the goods and ultimate exploitation.Due to relegation and delegation of responsibility by the governmentof china to localities, the interests of the disabled are oftenthreatened and almost forgotten.

Chinais one country, dominant of competition in innovation and servicedelivery. The competition has culminated to fierce price battle andsevere reduction of prices for goods. As one wishing to set athriving an established business in the country, the need forknowledge in supply chain business is inevitable. Managing of supplychains, both traditional and evolving will tremendously aid in thebusiness success. Goals, the societal knowledge and interests definemy interests to pursue supply chain management. It will be not onlyan accomplishment, but also a dream realized.

Ialso worked as a volunteer in Maple Syrup Festival at Fenner NatureCenter in 2014. I was in a group of selling maple syrups. Before westarted selling, we classified those maple syrups by size first. Nextwe put a price tag on each bottle, and we wrote a bigger price tag infound of each category. Then we moved some boxes of stock products inmy back, so we could quickly and easily to supply. Finally, we getsome smaller bills to give an exchange for our customers. After theselling, most of the products were sold out. We started to record theleftover and count the money from selling. However, the money and theproducts we sold did not match. We counted the money and leftoveragain and again. Finally, I found out there were a few bottles ofmaple syrups in a box, which somebody was mistakenly put in recyclearea. Then the money and sold products matched. It was my firstinstance to sell products as qualified supply chain manager. It aidedme to learn how to work with others and what a selling process shouldbe in real life. I became more involved in Supply Chain Managementthan I was when I studied the theoretical aspect in class.

Inconclusion, I have learned how to be a good supply manager andintegrate with the workers of different organizations and businessesin a better way.


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