Personal Statement




Academicexcellence comes off as one of the most fundamental aspects of anyindividual in the contemporary human society. Indeed, it is wellacknowledged that there is a positive relationship or correlationbetween individuals’ level of education and the manner in whichthey fare in their lives. This has increased the craving foreducation, all in an effort to have a better life. However, it isalso acknowledged that there are variations in the utility andearning potentials of individuals in different professions andcareers. This may be one of the motivations for the variations in thenumbers of individuals taking different course in academicinstitutions.

Inmy case, my interest in Accounting and Finance may have started at anearly age. I have been passionate about figures, especially withregard to the accuracy with which they depict the financial positionand profitability of business entities both in the short-term and thelong-term. It is this passion that gave me the impetus to joinSwansea University for the bachelors’ degree in the subjects, afterwhich I hope to obtain a Masters’ degree in Finance, Management andBanking.

Oneof the most outstanding accomplishments or matters in my life wouldrevolve around the fact that I have managed to hold on to the studyof accounting and finance in the last 9 years, of which 6 years werein the other three are in the University where I currently am. Thispersistency has allowed me to have a clear insight of the subject andhave the capacity to obtain information about a business entity in amanner that a layman cannot, simply by giving financial documents apassing glance. On the same note, this academic accomplishment hasgiven me the insight pertaining to what I should be on the lookoutfor when I am evaluating the financial soundness of a business entityor even the sustainability of its business in a particular sector(Fabozzi&ampMarkowitz, 2002).This has been complemented by the reading of quite influential andeye-opening books on investment and finance, which have particularlyimbued lessons pertaining to the manner in which sound investmentsand management of one’s finances can be safeguarded so as toenhance the profits derived from the same.

Ofcourse, one of the most fundamental questions that would be askedpertaining to any career path would be the future aspirations andgoals of an individual. In my case, pursuing accounting and financeand possibly complementing it with Finance Management and banking isaimed at allowing me to obtain a management position in the financialinstitutions particularly banks. I have come to acknowledge thefundamental role that banks play in the development and growth ofindividuals and societies at large through safeguarding the propermanagement of finances and funding individual visions and dreams. Inessence, I am at enhancing the collaboration and cooperation betweenfinancial institutions and the people, so as to create a partnershipthat would jumpstart the financial growth of individuals and thesociety at large. This would, undoubtedly, be complemented withfinancial advice, which will be offered to clients in an effort toenable them to make sound investment decisions both in the long-termand the short-term. Such accomplishments, however, can only be madein instances where an individual has proper knowledge pertaining tothe dynamics of the financial markets, which is why I am pursuingaccounting and finance.


Fabozzi,F. J., &amp Markowitz, H. M. (2002).&nbspThetheory and practice of investment management.Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.