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Personal statement

I am a final year student of Bsc. Accounting and Finance. This coursehas been always my favorite, as it prepares me for my future careerpath. In several other ways, it reflects all other subsequent careerchoices I have had throughout. The tutelage and experience I havereceived in this course has helped me to progress as a student and anindividual who is ready to take on the demanding career path ofaccountancy. As a professional in this field in the future, I seemyself incorporating all the crucial skills I have learnt and theexperience I have gained at the University into becoming a veryreliable and effective bank manager and investment advisor. As a bankmanager and investments advisor, I want to master the skills ofmanaging people’s finances, at the same time giving them usefulinformation about making good use of their money, saving andinvesting it. I also look to improve the process of communicationbetween individuals and financial institutions, as I successfullyeducate the investors on how to empower their financial futures.

Inmy learning process, I have always learnt how to put learning andcooperation with team members first. Learning accountancy is no easytask. It is like playing a piano, which I have learnt since I was 5years old. There is a lot of information that has to be learnt in alimited in order to grasp fully the basics of the concepts of thewhole thing. In order to do this, one has to be committed the courseand the material. Accountancy needs a positive attitude towardsmathematics and statistics. While learning how to grasp this, Ideveloped an attitude towards judging the various characters one mayencounter while working as a bank manager and a financial advisor.This is one of the things that made me get a broad reflection aboutthe profession of accountancy and managing finances. To pursue thefield further, I read a myriad of books and publications that speakabout the practices of management and financial advisory. This iswhat has driven me to acquire a skill of categorically analyzingfinancial facts, which is essential in building a career as afinancial manager and investment advisor.

Onething that motivates me in this career path is the fact that anation’s economy is significantly influenced by the financialdecisions that its people and institutions make. While back in highschool, I was an active member of the basketball team. After mytrainer noticed that I was giving in more than expected both intraining and in the field, I was appointed the team captain. Thisgave me the chance to meet other captains and coaches, through whom Ilearnt that the success on a unit is highly dependent on theperformance of an individual. Given this, I mentored my teammates,and as I moved on to University, I maintained my role as teamcaptain. I went on to be appointed a student leader and won othersporting prizes, such as best captain and most valuable player. Ihave since found a relationship between team performance and theperformance of a nation. By helping people make advised investmentdecisions, I will be building my nation’s economy, just as I didwith my basketball teams.