Personal Statement Finance Major Number

PersonalStatement: Finance Major


PersonalStatement: Business Finance Major

Financeis such a challenging, diverse, and worthwhile career, that I feel isone area of interest to me. Graduating with a finance degree from theuniversity would make it a dream come true for me. I am 21 years old,a second year student looking forward to finish school and joining areputable university to pursue degree in Finance. Graduating as afiancé student, which has been one of my childhood dreams would be agreat feeling. Majoring in finance has been a vocation, for peoplewho are practical, reliable, and conscientiouswhich are skills that I posses. The degree in Finance would give methe opportunity to work in different organizations, and also theexperience to start my own company. One of the key inspiring peopleto me has been Jim Rodgers, whom I look forward to emulate in termsof achievement.

ThreeMajor Goals as Finance Major

Goalnumber 1, To contribute and become a key figure in my place ofemployment. One of my goals is to work in one of the fast growingcompanies in China, this is due to the fact that, the China’seconomy is fast growing and would give an ideal environment to gainmore experience in the industry. It’s also my goal to become a teamplayer within the employed organization, as this duration ofemployment is essential when starting my own company.

Goalnumber 2, To become an expert financial adviser, and analyzer. JimRodgers has been my role model in finance discipline, and to achievehis level of expertise would be massive. Being a finance graduate,there are numerous areas to practice, and this would be an essentialaspect in achieving the highest in financial management.

Goalnumber 3, To open up my own company in securities, being a financeexpert, would allow me to open and manage my security (Finance)company. This is due to the fact that, I have over time dreamt ofopening an entity that serves the public by offering the bestfinancial advice.

ThreeThings That am Proud Of Having Achieved

Becominga finance expert as well as an analyst demands one to have the besteducation background. Am proud that am on the right track inachieving my dream of a attaining a degree in finance, by attainingthe relevant and the important college education. This would give aplatform to achieve my dream.

Amproud to have a successful personality (Jim) to look forward to interms of becoming successful and the achievement in life. This givesme the urge to put more effort in my studies in order to achieve theultimate goal of joining and graduating from the university with adegree in Finance Major. This would be essential in achieving mygoals, to work in a bank, gain relevant experience and to become afinance expert and finally to open my own company. Allthese would be key in expanding my skills, and experience in as aFinancial Expert, and financerelated areas.

Finally,am proud to have developed an interest in finance. Te economicperformance of countries and organizations has been a key aspect inhuman development and continuously there has been an increase indemand for effective financial investment for better and improvedreturns. This would provide me with essential scenarios, skills andexperience to practice in finance major.

Experiencesand How They Relate To or Have Prepared Me for the Major in Finance

Onekey experience in Finance is communication. In order to prosper as abusiness finance graduate, both as an employee and finance expert,communication is an essential aspect, as it would help to relate tofellow employees and also when managing my security company.Communication skills will be essential as a finance expert at ithelps when communicating with fellow employees and the employer.

Beinga controller, interpersonal skills, creativethinkers and problem-solvers, knowledge of international finance,helps to be an effective employee as well as making it a good managerwhen I open my company. Finally, another key experience is developinga Positiveself-concept, and contributing to a larger community, this helps tohave a positive approach to the employment

Financeis a very professionally oriented major designed to devise one for acareer in financial management, which is the art and scientificdiscipline of handling money. It`s a good major and potentially avery lucrative one, as each human aspect is in demand of financialmanagement. Upon commencement, my career looks to get the path of abank employee, and further a financial expert adviser.