Personal Statement on Course Major


PersonalStatement on Course Major

MyCurrent Goals

Choosingmajor in supply chain is part of my professional growth that is basedon the goals that I want to achieve in life. These goals also dictatethe type of behavior and character that I have and that I willcontinue to have in the future. To make sure that I achieve my goalsthrough my professional life, I will adopt a culture of discipline,where I will stick my every aspect towards respecting my life and mygoals. Therefore, the goals that I have selected will be the ultimateguide towards my academic journey. The growth of my profession in thestudies and in the work place will be aimed at arriving at a pointwhere my long term goals will be achieved. Therefore, I have dividedmy goals into three main categories the short-term goals, themiddle-term goals and long-term goals. The following are my shortterm goals.

Oneof the short term goals is to successfully finish my universitycourse with my supply chain major. I am working to get a good gradeat the university by performing well in every subject that I study.To achieve this goal, I will have to work hard at every subject andtask in my education and studies. In addition, I will commit myselfto learning diverse knowledge apart from academics in order toachieve an all-round educational and professional growth. Moreover, Iwill have to do things that will make my stay at the universityenjoyable and motivational for me to continue with studies.Therefore, I will make good friends and build good relationships thatwill complement my efforts to excel in studies.

Inthe next five year, I plan to be working gain strong skills in globalcargo and fleet management. Therefore, it is my goal to get a goodjob at a multinational company in the industry. At this job, I willgain practice personal abilities in purchasing skills, globallogistics, and skills in business communication. It is my plan togrow professionally and hold a big and influential managementposition at the multinational. This goal will be an achievement afterthe first goal of a good grade. At the same time, this goal will begiving me an income for a living and also savings. Through thesesavings, I will be preparing myself for my long term goal ofinvesting. Most importantly, working in a multinational corporationwill be training me on how big companies work. I will also makeimportant connections that will open me to opportunities forachieving my long-term goals.

Mylong term goal is to start my own company in the supply chainindustry called Achieve Global Inc. My dream for Achieve Global Incis to develop into a global market leader in a supply chainmanagement. This goal will utilize three of the main things I learntin the last two goals. First, I will use my education at theuniversity to know how to run a business and handle clients.Secondly, running Achieve Global Inc will use the knowledge andskills I learnt at the work place in the job I worked as per mymedium term goal. Finally, running Achieve Global Inc will use therelationships and connections that I will have made in the past. Thesuccess of this goal will make me a rich and a powerful entrepreneur.

ThingsI am Proud of

AsI develop my profession, I am proud of having worked at the ChinaCITIC Bank Corporation Limited. I worked at the bank as an intern forone whole summer in the Changsha city. At the bank, I was a clerk toclients kept customer records, worked as an office clerk, receivedcustomers and did filing for my seniors. This experience makes feelso proud of myself because I realized that I have tremendouspotential to become a successful professional. I feel proud of thethings I learnt at the bank and the relationships I made. One thingthat stands out for the whole experience is the contribution I madeat the record keeping at the bank. I have been always the earliest toarrive at the work place and I earned praise for preparing the officebefore my seniors. I am proud that they appreciated me with acertificate of service and an invitation to go back again in future.

Additionally,I am always proud of joining the university education and selectingsupply chain courses as my major. I feel so contented to study atthis university and gain knowledge everyday from the great professorsand educator that we have. This has worked well in my life in threemain ways. First, the university has changed my way of thinking in amanner that I am proud of. I am thinking like a professional and aperson ready for success in life.

Secondly,the university has helped me to study the things that I will need inlife, both in my professional and personal life. In addition, theuniversity makes feel proud to interact with people with similardreams like I have. Finally, the university makes me feel proud ofmyself by allowing me to select the course of my choice. Theselection of supply chain major is one thing that makes me proud ofmyself in the university. Therefore, I have built a strong passion topursue the goal to the end.

Inaddition, I am proud of being a current member of the AccountingStudent Association (ASA) club at the university. This association isimportant for me to develop my professional skills that I will needto accomplish my three goals explained above. The club makes me feelproud of myself because of the type of friends and relationships thatI make during the meetings. More importantly, the club makes feelproud of my knowledge when I make contributions and the membersappreciate my views. Through the club, I will develop my professionaland social skills that will prepare me for the future of my life.

Mypast Experiences and Course Major

Oneof the experiences is at the company owned by my father. Early thisyear, I organized a large the New Year’s party for the company. Iwas responsible for the idea and the organization of the event. I wasresponsible for connecting with actors, singers and speakers at theevent. I organized the programs, purchased costume and stagemanagement for the entire event. I am proud of this experiencebecause it opened me to realize I have a potential in organizing. Irealized my skills in communication and logistics management.

Ialso have experience at home that inspired me to choose this major.At home, I was the one who used to remember that the supplies at homeare reducing in quantity or the containers are empty. My parentsalways wanted me to join them during the family shopping because Iwould identify what kitchen and home supplies to buy. In addition, Ifeel that I have a strong passion in the supply chain at any level inthe workplace because it is the department I admire most. Moreover,most of my friends who are working have built their careers in thesupply chain management along with accounting studies.

Anothersignificant experience that has prepared me for the major in supplychain is my internship experience at the China CITIC Bank CorporationLimited. When I applied, it was a general application for aninternship position that they named administrative and operationalintern job. When I qualified for the position, the supervisor askedme the office, I wanted and without hesitation, I chose the suppliesoffice. At the office, I made several friends and learnt a lot ofskills in the supply chain field. The relationships I made in theworkplace have developed my passion for the supply chain field. Thisexplains why I chose this as my major.

Finally,my choice for the major in is influenced by my ambitions to establisha career in the field. My ultimate dream is to establish a bigbusiness in the supply chain field. Even though I do not know thespecific area to venture in, I know that my company in the futurewill be in the supply chain field. Through the development of myprofessionalism in the field, I will establish a better focus anddecide on the service I will be offering. In the past, I have takenthe time to think about the dream and so refined the decision to makethe choice for supply chain major.

Inaddition to my passion, the past experiences have shaped my choicefor the major in supply chain. With all these experiences, I have astrong passion to develop my career in the field. This is because Ihave three main goals in life aimed at developing my professionalgrowth. At the university, I intend to perform well in the supplychain major and get a good job in the same line of career. Afterdeveloping enough skills, knowledge and networks in the field, I willstart a big business as my ultimate dream.