Personal Statement


PartA: Personal statement

Financialplanning is my career of choice. In many ways, financial planningreflects my second (public accounting), third (fund management), andfourth (investment banking) career choices. Legislators formulatepolicies, educators teach people towards success, while professionalfootballers master the skills that pertain to their profession. As afinance student, I intend to incorporate the three types of skills. Iwant to undertake a course in finance, which I believe will help memaster the skills of financial planning, work hard to enhance theprocess of financial planning, and educate others (including theemployees of the organizations I will work with) in order to empowerand help them adopt the best practices in financial planning.

Naturally,learning precedes every goal I pursue in life. However, I understandthat learning in finance is not a simple exercise. I purpose to buildon the knowledge I acquired in high school in order to make mycollege education a continuation of the previous academic attainment,and not a starting point. My excellent performance in Economics 201and 202 Accounting 201 and 202 and ISS 310 are some of the keyfactors confirming my interest in finance. Although I joined highschool without a clear idea of the career path to pursue, a keenfocus on economic and accounting subjects helped me identify financeas my professional field of interest. Some of the subjects that likemost include math, economic, and finance. Apart from having a passionin these subjects, my exemplary performance in these subjects in highschool is an additional motivation to pursue a course in finance atthe college level.

Themost significant, though challenging, part of finance is planning andbudgeting the scarce financial resources to enhance the performanceof organizations in a competitive business and economic environment.I believe that more learning translates into more opportunities whilemore knowledge results in a greater control over differentcircumstances. In finance, meaningful learning and actual financialplanning in the organization can be achieved through continuouslearning and knowledge sharing. I learned this from my economic 201teacher who impart the knowledge of economics to his students with apassion. His example inspired me to pursue a course in finance andlater share my knowledge and skills with other people working in thesame field. Through knowledge sharing, I hope to be part of the teamthat will enhance the current financial planning models to make themmore relevant. This will include increasing their capacity to addressfinancial challenges in the contemporary business environment that ischaracterized by financial constraints. I believe finance is anoutstanding specialty. I am motivated and excited to join the financeresidency.

PartB: Previous Employment

Workingfor my mother’s company

Mystay at the Chinese Fashion and Apparel, a textile business startedand owned by my mother gave me a nearly perfect experience of whathappens in the field of finance. The roles alternated from includedinventory management and financial planning and budgeting. I was ableto do short-term financial budgeting and stock control within aperiod of three months of the 2013 summer holiday.

Aninternship at the Chinese Band

Myinternship at the Brain Failure, a Chinese band that specializes inthe Beijing punk scene, allowed men to learn things that I shouldexpect in a working environment after spending the whole of my lifein a learning environment. Although my roles in the band did notspecifically relate to financial planning, my interaction with theband’s manager was an opportunity to acquire managerial skills thatare necessary for any field of profession.

Workingat a local supermarket

Basedon the inventory management skills I acquired in my mother`sbusiness, a local supermarket named Hoo Hing, gave me an opportunityto serve as an assistance inventory management during the 2014 summerholiday. My roles included monitoring of the stock of items on theshelf and ordering for new items from the store to ensure that theshelf had sufficient quantities of every commodity at all times.Although this opportunity had not direct connection with finance, itgave me an insight of the significance of financial planning in orderto ensure that the firm had enough funds to reorder the stock at alltimes.

PartC: Working with and supporting others

Helpingpeople donate during the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake

Althoughmy main focus is on finance, I have a heart for others and thishumanitarian assistance to be part of my lifestyle. For example, the2008 earthquake that killed over 69,000 people in the province ofSichuan was an opportunity to demonstrate my empathy for thecasualties. At my tender age, the little thing I could do was tomobile people in my estate to make some financial contributions thatwere then submitted to the local NGOs that catered for thecasualties.

Planningfor my friend’s wedding

Weddingis one of the key events that involve a lot of planning, which isintended to ensure that all activities happen as expected. My role inthe wedding committee included the budgeting for finances andcollecting pledges. This was an opportunity to learn how to plan forevents, budgeting, and teamwork.

Blooddonation campaigns

Blooddonation is one of the important health programs that save the livesof the seriously injured and hemophilic patients. To this end, I am aregular blood donor who equates blood donation to life sharing. Apartfrom donating blood embarked on educating and informing people(including my friends) on the importance of blood donation,especially during the natural disasters, such as the LudianEarthquake in August 2014. During such events, many people are leftwith serious injuries, which increase the demand for blood.