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Theproblem of movie piracy has been in existent and prominent in thepast few years. It is mainly associated with people who wish to reapwhere they did not sow. This is an illegal act that constitutesduplicating and selling movies and films against the will of thecomposer and or the producer. Piracy of movies being a major issuewith profound effects on the film industry and hurting the economythrough loss of revenue should be shunned in the society through useof well-established watchdogs to pursue legally those who indulgeinto it. It is evident that the proceeds from the sale oforiginal movies by producers has reduced significantly due to piracy(Bordwell 12).

Moviepiracy is a crime majorly committed online by many internet usersparticularly when surfing the web through copying and distributingthe movies with no permission from the copyright holder. Some peoplemay commit a crime without noticing because of how common they are.Several resources are available online to enable one commit piracy.They include sites where videos can be shared amongst users, as wellas websites where people can download movies (Karsten 2). Anothercommon mode is the home making of duplicate copies of movies into aDVD collection. All these forms of piracy when used are breaking thecopyright infringement laws.

Thepirated movies have gradually gained popularity mostly because theyare sold cheaply. This has acted as an impetus towards attractingpeople to purchase these movies and save money. The later developmentof peer-to-peer online programs has further escalated the situation.Piracy of movies affects the film industry through shrinkage ofincome due to the practice. The issue of piracy has been of a greatconcern to the film industry. This is because it is not only illegalin a majority of countries, but it is also one of the aspects thateats into the profits from the film industry (Bordwell 22).Additionally, research has indicated that the employees from the filmindustry in the lower ranks suffer immensely since some of theirsalaries is taken up through piracy. However, research has found outthat film directors believe that piracy is advantageous as it createsa “cultural buzz”. For instance, David Petrarcam of the “Gameof Thrones,” is not concerned by the issue of piracy. The actorsand directors may also fail to get a considerable portion of theprofit out this but for their business where recognition of one’swork, face and name are paramount, the act of copying and thendistributing the work illegally may help build their image and namewhich is also a chief source of income. The aforementioned activitiestypically hurt the economy.

Watchingmovies online in various streaming sites such as Amazon and Netflixand or downloading movies and watchingon the HDTV is something that most people dowithout noticing. One main reason for this is the notion that theseindividuals commonly feel that the law will not catch-up withthem in such basic crimes. This however is not the case, since manyindividuals are usually found with copyright infringement crimes.Typically, those convicted of piracy in America are jailed for 5years or are charged a $250000 fine. However, a repeat of a piracyoffense attract twice the jail time. Civil penalties are at timeseven greater, from a financial point of view. One of the greatestproblems of piracy is that most of the people who engage in the vicedo it in small scale, and the aggregate damage is tremendous. Theindustry should however come up with measures to help pursuing thosewho have turned piracy into an enterprise by setting up systems tohelp identify and remove infringing contents from audio-video sharingsites and as well try suing individual online file-sharers(Christopher 47)

Lately,there is a clear indication that a lot of money is being lost to thepiracy of movies. Analysts have pointed out that the people whostream movies or buy cheap copies of the movies would not otherwisebuy if such options were not available. This implies that by peoplestreaming videos online or buying cheap bootlegsas they call it does not mean that the movie industry has beenoffended or cheated. To some individuals if they don’t get thechance of seeing the movie online or at least buying a bootleg, theysimply don’t see it at all. This is because some individuals lovewatching movies, but they cannot afford it in the theatre roomsbecause of the higher charges and capacity restrictions (Christopher56). Again, the continued rise in online video streaming sites suchas Amazon and Netflix has, to some extent, managed to recapture thoseusers who may have been committing piracy due to lack of a way ofgetting an instant feed of a movie in the previous years. It isabundantly clear that not all pirated movies are a representation offoregone revenue. As stated earlier, a majority of the people who buypirated and duplicated, cheap movies would not otherwise buy theoriginal copies if these options were not available.



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