Political and historical changes that occurred from 1930

Politicaland historical changes that occurred from 1930

Thereare a lot of changes that have happened in the American history. Someof them are political and others are economic. A lot have broughtabout both negative and positive impacts based on the magnitude. Political changes have contributed significantly towards the economicaspect of the United States of America experienced to this day. Thetwo have relied on each other to advance.

Inthe year 1939 the United States of America under the presidency ofAlbert Einstein started atomic bomb program. This was caused byattacks by the German and Soviet Union to Poland. Many countries,including Britain rallied together to fight Germany, but the UnitedStates remained neutral. During this period, the US started rearmingfor war, thus forming the atomic bomb program. This process helpedAmerica to recover from the great economic depression sufferedearlier and become economically stable.

Itis during this era that most Americans worked towards improving lifeby increasing income through personal efforts, and permanentimprovements. These improvements played a very critical role in thedevelopment of the America’s economy despite other nations worryingabout re-occurrence of the depression. The war preparedness inAmerica contributed significantly to the overall growth of theeconomy. This is because many industries started converting to wararmament manufacturing and the whole idea was called “conversion”. In 1943, most of the automaker companies had already converted intowar aircraft making companies (Beetsma,pg8).

Towardsthe end of this war, the United States had done away with its old agepolicy of diplomatic isolation. Part of the aid provided through theMarshall plan and through other means played a critical role in theeconomic stabilization. That came after the Second World War endedhowever, countries in Europe were never satisfied about thereoccurrence of such a European militarism. They therefore cametogether to form a transatlantic security solution. This agreementwas meant to play the part towards political ground breaking andprevent reoccurrence of such situation. In 1949 a North AtlanticTreaty was signed and it led to the official formation of the NorthAtlantic Treaty Organization. The new allies agreed on armed attackif any of them was threatened or attacked. This created a group thatwould oversee retaliation against the Soviet Union to any of theallied countries (Grant,pg11).

In1942, the United States president Franklin Roosevelt came up with aUnited Nation idea and it was first used in the declaration of theUnited Nations. This came by as twenty six nation members declared toremain fighting together against the Axis powers. This formation ledto a stronger union of the nations, after fifty countries met in SanFrancisco in 1945 to sign the United Nations Charter. This unioncontributed significantly to the economic advancement of the UnitedStates. The United Nation’s headquarters was located in New Yorkafter the complex was completed and until this day, it is the samecomplex used by the organization.

Alot of economic advancement came as a result of the formation ofthese two organizations, where United Sates had the most benefitsince it was the main contributor. The United Nation’s complex inNew York is the main headquarter, making its security the mainpriority. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization has also played amain role in the security of the countries involved. This hascontributed immensely towards economic growth of the country.Military power and technologies has also played a critical part inthe position that the United States is, at the moment bothpolitically and economically.


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