Political Science Book Review


PoliticalScience Book Review

TheBook’s Main Thesis

Thebook is an expression of his thoughts about the expected change inthe 2012 general election in the United States. He believes thatAmerica was in the path of destruction of its way of life, owing tothe poor economic policies in the first term of the Obamaadministration. He underscores that American people had reached apoint of no return, and the 2012 elections were the only chance toelect new leaders, who would alter the course and direct the countryinto a recovery path. He emphasized on the right choice of leaders,especially the presidency. “Now or Never” implies that that wasthe only opportunity, lest their fate will be sealed. The ideas inhis book are meant to help the American voters to choose thecandidates who had the ability to salvage the American situation. Thebook contains a comprehensive game plan for salvaging economicstability. The &quotnow&quot referred to the 2012 generalelections (DeMint, 2012).

JimDeMint book makes waking up call and believes that the power to bringchange in America was in the hands of the voters. He draws acomparison between the Tea Party midterm elections in 2010 and theelections in Iraq. Only 29 percent of the Americans of the voting agevolunteered to vote. On the contrary, in the first democraticelection in Iraq, 75 percent of the Iraqis voted regardless of thethreats of violence they received. DeMint did not intend to beratethe apathy of the Americans. The purpose of his book was meant toinspire, educate and revive those who did not come out to vote in theprevious general election to grasp the opportunity of changingAmerica (DeMint, 2012).

2.What Evidence Does the Book Offer In Support Of the Thesis?


SenatorDeMint criticizes the budget presented by the federal government. Heuses the analogy of someone in the business, and the business isunder debts. Such a person runs the business under the mercies of thecreditors. DeMint points out to the Big Debt Ceiling debate where thepresident suggested that the country could not pay its bills andextend the social security program, unless it borrowed more money.The passage of the crazy debt limited deal, DeMint alludes, broughtnothing positive to the Americans. On the contrary, it pushed thegovernment into more debts. Thus, this book is a sound of the alarmin regard to the American situation as depicted in the budget. Thecountry operates on a deficit budget because its debt is bigger thanthe economy. Instead of salvaging the debt situation, DeMintcriticizes the government for continuing to add a trillion of dollarsin the debt (DeMint, 2012).

DeMintadvocates for running a balanced budget through reducing governmentto the level of its earning or below, a suggestion that he eludes thepresident disregards as extreme. This idea was tabled in the Senateby the Democratic leader and termed as a ridiculous idea. Evensomeone in grade five can tell that if someone is consuming more thanhe is bringing in, s/he will land into trouble in the future and willbecome dependent (DeMint, 2012). Democratic Party is likened to sucha person who overspends through borrowing. Amending the constitutionto include a balanced budget would bring down the activities of theDemocratic Party because their campaign could no longer be based onthe extra issues the government is going to handle. Engaging in morebusiness activities or distributing wealth does not work in asituation where the government is limited in its spending. Removingof wasteful spending puts all parties at the same position and allowsthem to debate on the best course the government should take. Theavailable options include reducing spending or increasing taxes, orboth.


Thebook calls for freedom solutions that can be developed in a period often years and ensure the American people ride on the freedoms theydeserve. These freedoms can be realized through the adjustment of thetax code that could leave the people with more prosperity and morefreedom. The energy supplies owned by the government can be developedto create more jobs for the people and more revenues to both federaland state governments. There are better ways of solving the problemsrelated to medical care and social security. The contribution made onsocial security and medical care should be continued, but the methodsof contribution should be reviewed to be less expensive. Also, thereare several young people who do not feel that they will benefitenough from social security, and such should be offered alternativesother than being at the same rate as the older persons (DeMint,2012).

Thereare several good ideas for improvement that do not create added coststo the taxpayer. However, only the right person can listen to suchideas and translate them into action. The book calls for theimmediate change of the person of the presidency. Choosing apresident should not be determined by the ability to give a goodspeech, but should be based on the character, courage and confidenceto abandon the past, including the best organization in the globe.Skills and capabilities should be the main guiding principles whenselecting the president of the U.S. It should be someone with anunderstanding on how a great country like the USA should be led(DeMint, 2012). The book emphasizes on decentralization of power,both political and economic. When the government runs the heal careinsurance scheme, individual citizens are limited to the servicesprovided by the government. Instead, the power to choose health careinsurers should be vested to individuals. Individuals will then havethe power to access the best cover in the world.

TheVoting Power

Accordingto DeMint, the power to shape the future was in the hands of theAmerican people. &quotAndif I look out into the future where we are from a fiscal standpointor a policy standpoint or a cultural standpoint, four more years ofwhat we are doing now, don`t know how America can survive in the formthat we know America.&quot There was optimism that the number ofvoters was likely to improve. DeMint referred to the improvement in2010 elections as a fortune, where 29 percent of the votersparticipated. The belief was that if the percentage of voters couldrise to 40 or 50 percent, then, the 2012 general elections couldwitness a major transformation.

TheBook and the Discussion of Political Science

DeMint’sideas, offer a challenge to the unitary system of the government,where power, decision-making authority and sovereignty is vested inthe central government. Previous politicians, philosophers andconstitutional engineers have fought for decentralization of powerand pleaded for a better vertical distribution of power. The USsystem of government incorporates both self-rule and share-rule.Power and sovereignty are shared across the government levels. Thedistribution of power is constitutionally defined, and each unit hascontrol of certain resources (Elazar, 1997). However, the US federalgovernment has more power and more control of resources anddecision-making.

Americaowes its democracy and sovereignty to policy makers and philosopherssuch as Edmund Burke and Adam Smith. Adam Smith introduced theconcept of the &quotinvisible hand.&quot Political philosophyapplies this concept in illuminating distinct approaches to socialtheory and emphasizing the need for unintentional outcomes of humanaction (Smith, 2013). This concept tries to examine the hiddenconsequences that come with political decisions. Thus, DeMint signalsthe revelation of the hidden hand, unless the voters were keen andbold to change the political administration before the consequencesof the poor political decisions of the time could sprout. Just likeAdam Smith`s ideas and content was not lost, DeMint`s ideas could notend with the 2012 elections, but could persist many years beyond theelection period.

Opinionof the Book’s Thesis and Why

DeMintexposes important state matters that call for proper decisions tosalvage the state. The US at the time was experiencing financialdifficulties as it was recovering from the recession. His view aboutgovernment spending is rational and convincing because it isillogical for the government to overspend on projects that do notgenerate returns and ends up in debts. Social security should bereviewed to offer a wide range of policies that satisfy all groupsinvolved. People should exercise their democratic rights of voting.DeMint`s call for people to vote in large numbers should be embracedand spread. However, his idea of voting a Republican was a politicalmotive to lure people to vote against Democrats. There are severalother issues that have equal importance and Democrats may have betterpolicies to address them.


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