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Inthe Prince, Machiavelli argues that, in order for a prince to bepraised by others, he should have the ability to honor the word ofhis mouth. Based on the experiences that have been demonstratedthrough history, it can be argued that being cunning and crafty aresome of the qualities that dominate the life of a prince who can beseen as honoring his word. Fighting can either be through the law orby the use of force the most successful princes use both strategiesbased on the recognition that a combination of law and force resultsto favorable outcomes in any war. Based on the reading, there aresections that point out the advice that Machiavelli could haveoffered to the computers. In addition, the healers and Barris can getwords of advice from Machiavelli (Machiavelli, 2009).

Fromthe book, the advice that Machiavelli could have offered to computersis based on the nature of humans, which can be seen as inherent. Asis the case with humans, the emergence of computers was based inself-interest of humans. Since the world started using computers, thenations that devised and adopted the use of these gadgets have littleinterest on the effects that they have on others who do not use themregularly. The use of computers worldwide can be seen as aprofit-driven affair whereby humans are interested in making lifeeasier for themselves. Although the computers have some negativeaspects attached to them, a lot of emphasis is put on the positiveeffects that computers have. The invention of computers was based onthe achievement of some ambitions, which aimed at benefitting somehumans. This implies that self-interest is a guiding factor in humanrelations and most interactions are based on the benefits that willaccrue to self rather than the benefits that will benefit the entiresociety (Machiavelli, 2009).

Theadvice of Machiavelli on computers is also grounded on thedeterminants of how a prince can gain power. The determinants ofpower in Princes is guided by factors such as fortune and prowess.The talents of humans were crucial to the invention of computers.Through trial and error method, human beings managed to inventcomputers, which they have used in numerous ways to improve thequality of their lives. The nature of the human environment was alsovery central to the invention of computers. People invented computersto solve the problems they faced in their surroundings. For example,the desire to improve learning and make the interactions betweenstudents and teachers easy was a guiding factor when people inventedcomputers (Machiavelli, 2009).

Machiavelli’swriting can also be used to advise Barris, as well as the healers.The advice to be given to Barris and healers can be based on theissue of virtue. Barris and healers should understand that, in orderto rise in the career ladder, they should possess some virtue such ascompassion and generosity. Just like princes, leaders should exhibitskills that enhance successful interactions between employees, aswell as success within the organization. According to Machiavelli, inas much as some virtues can be seen as inappropriate, they should beembraced for the benefit of society. For example, a prince may beforced to apply cruelty while governing the state, but the use ofsuch strategies is aimed at benefitting everyone. That should be thecase in organizations (Machiavelli, 2009).


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