1. Test anxiety can cause nervousness, memory loss, and an inability to concentrate

Ans:Text anxiety may cause nervousness, loss of memory, and lack ofconcentration.

Reason:the first answer best paraphrase the sentence. The second answertalks about exam stress that is not in the initial sentence while thethird answers talks about student that is also not in the firstsentence.

  1. Many college professors give their students cooperative-learning assignment that encourages them to work together as a team.

Ans:Team building projects assigned by university professors reinforcecooperative ways of learning among students.

Reason:the third answer best paraphrase the sentence. The second answerbases the argument that is on the contrary to the sentence, while thefirst answer also does not give all the datails in the sentence.


  1. Students who live off-campus often have positive experience if they have realistic expectations of their roommates and landlord.

Ifstudent living outside the campus have a realistic expectation withtheir roommates and property owner, they also have an affirmativeexperiences.

  1. Many people immigrate to United States to find better jobs, higher salaries, and more opportunities for their families

Searchfor better jobs, high salaries, and opportunities to live with familymembers are some of the reasons why people immigrate to the UnitedStates.

  1. Currently, major corporations manufacture and market their products all over the world.

Nowadays,big corporation produce and market their products in all parts of theworld.

  1. Diamond engagement rings are advertised to consumers as a symbols of wealth and love

Diamondrings that are symbol of wealth and love are commonly advertised toconsumers.

  1. Studies have shown that people in all cultures show similar facial expressions in response to specific emotions.

Accordingto studies, cultural people have similar expressions for someemotions.

Vocabularyin Context

  1. Previously -At an earlier time

  2. Balance- A statement of the equality of two amounts

  3. Constitute more- Using in large amounts

  4. Are- Are considered as


  1. Interest- Gain

  2. Category- Type or variety

  3. Often, normally- Usually

  4. Distinction- Difference

  5. Others- Local division of a larger organisation

  6. Value- Main point

  7. Injured- People who hurt

  8. Normally-Existing for a long time


  1. legislation- Laws

  2. Consequence- Results

  3. Provide- Given official authority

  4. participate- Influence


  1. refine- Sent out

  2. push themselves- Effort and time to get an advantage

  3. In principal- In general

  4. Cultural- Relating to customs and beliefs of a group of people