Preparing to Conduct Business Research


Preparingto Conduct Business Research



Businessresearch refers to a field of practical study where the companycollects and analyses data in order to come up with a betteralternative to manage the organization. It helps the decision makersto better understand their company and improve the market share.Majority of the organizations face challenges and dilemmas that leadto research questions and conclusions (Staw &amp Sutton 2012). Thebusiness problem should be identified in order to help resolve theorganization predicament. Identity theft is a crime that has caused alot of problems within many organizations (Staw &amp Sutton 2012).For an organization that is facing theft as a challenge, there arenumerous questions that must be researched.

  1. What kind of theft is the organization facing?

Thefirst question identifies the kind of challenge that the company isexperiencing. For instance, if the organization is facing identitytheft it should be able to identify it. This kind of theft use aperson`s personal information without his consent to commit a crime(Staw &amp Sutton 2012). It means that that can access the businesspremises without your knowledge and steal in your name.

  1. What are the sources of information?

Technologyadvancement has significantly contributed to theft. Companies shouldbe alert because most of the thieves use hi-tech methods to accesspersonal data (Staw &amp Sutton 2012). For instance, they can useemployees emails, purse or any information shared on the internet.

  1. What are the factors contributing to the theft issue?

Theorganization should research on the factors that have contributed tothe issue. It should recognize the critical factors and come up withappropriate responses (Staw&amp Sutton 2012).It should make use of scientific studies and technology to identifythe victims, perpetrators as well as the incidents.

  1. What are the possible ways to prevent theft?

Thelast question is on preventive measures. Some of the theft crimesaffecting businesses cannot be prevented entirely, but the companycan minimize the risk by enacting numerous measures in theorganization systems (Staw &amp Sutton 2012).


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