QCQ Assignment




Fromthe description of the Rocky ‘Mass’ tudes, the quote is “Supposethat the mass being elevated isn`t the hunk of granite at all but isinstead a hunk of you”.


Thequote is evoked by a series of criticisms directed at the levitatedmass by Michael Heizer. The author lists different complaints andcriticisms from viewers, over the contradictions between the actualnature of the rock, and its popularity as a magnificent rock hoveringin space. The author is critical and analytical at the same time inhis analysis of people’s perceptions and expectations when dealingwith art. The quote is made after evaluating the differentperspective under which the concept evolved. One of theunderstandings derived from the quote is that art is timeless, andcannot be explicitly described. Every art evokes different meanings,different feelings and different moods. The statement tries toprovoke the viewers’ minds beyond what they can see. It createsother possibilities that can make the artwork relevant and appealing.When any artwork elicits emotions and personal feelings, artists’goals are achieved. Every art is meant to evoke physical andpsychological imaginations and creativity. The statement exposes oneof the many possible intentions of the artist. It tells viewers tothink and act beyond what they see, because it might have been theartist’s intention to provoke thoughts and ideas, rather than todemonstrate the rock’s ability to defy gravity. The statement givesa new interpretation that can be used instead of the literal image ofa rock resting on two shelves.


Thestatement is meant to expand viewers’ imaginations andexpectations, and get the feeling of levitation once inside therock’s space. However, a question lingers, “ismodern art so indefinite to accommodate any possible interpretation,or should artists express their intentions and let observers testthem?


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