Qualitative Research Article

QualitativeResearch Article

QualitativeResearch Article

Theresearch method used by researchers determines the results obtainedand how effective the conclusions are. The use of qualitativeresearch method was adequate for this study. The method of collectingdata which was semi-structured interviews which were recorded on tapeallowed the researchers to capture the necessary details that wereneeded to come to conclusions. The fact that semi structuredinterviews guide the respondent was appropriate in answering thequestions that the researchers needed to produce results.

Thequalitative analysis of the obtained qualitative data that wascollected through interviews was appropriate and produced the desiredresults. A framework analysis which involved three stages:familiarization, identification of framework and indexing.Consequently, thematic framework that was established by the dataanalysis researchers helped in classifying the interviews intothemes, which made it easy to draw conclusions. The researchers’use of qualitative technique helped create or establish importantaspects regarding the interpretation of dietary recommendations. This could not be achieved through quantitative methods which largelyfocus on statistics or figures rather than the experiences of theparticipants. From this study for example, the aspects that wereidentified were relevant and useful. For example interpretation ofhealthy eating messages, limitations to making dietary alternatives,and knowledge of healthy eating messages were established. Theresults are clearly what the researcher was looking for. The use ofthematic framework was useful in establishing these themes. Theresults are also comprehendible to researchers and more importantlyto the relevant authorities in implementation of holistic approachesto address the challenges that mothers face in interpretation ofdietary recommendations. Overall, qualitative design used in thecurrent study helped in explaining and interpreting behavior.


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