Questcor Pharmaceuticals Incorporation


QuestcorPharmaceuticals, Inc. or simply, Questcor, is a biopharmaceuticalcompany. Its main focus is to treat patient with serious illness,inflammatory disorders and the autoimmune that are difficult totreat. Acthar, which is an injectable for treatment of 19indications, is its main product ad it is approved by the UnitedStates food and drug administration. It has a research anddevelopment department whose aim is to work skillfully to attainthese goals: evaluation of the usefulness of the drug on the 19indications, to investigate and come up with more practical ideas onhow the drug can be applied to treat some other indications that theFDA, food and drug administration in the United States, doesn’tapprove, find out how the drug acts on the diseases it isadministered for in the human body and expanding on itsunderstanding on how the drug works in the human body.

Thecompany is involved in many chains of distributions and thereforesells Doral to the wholesalers then to retailers who finally sellthem to the hospitals.(Questcor Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 2013).

Managementof the company strives to make sure that its employees are treatedwell and motivated so that their needs are met in the company.Consequently, the management carries out many processes andtechniques of motivation in order to maintain a competitive workforcefor productivity purposes. The following are some of the motivationtechniques the company applies in its management for the employees:

Creatinga positive working environment

Thisinvolves keeping the organization working environment favorable forthe employees through such things like, encouraging teamwork, sharingof important information, idea sharing and ensuring that theemployees have the relevant skills and knowledge for the work theyare allocated so as to feel responsible and meet the goal set onthem. The company’s top management ensures that the workingenvironment is positive by helping the sub ordinate staffs in areasof difficulty like the technical issues in the factory (Tracy,2013).&nbsp


Thisinvolves rewarding the employees who work and achieve the standardsset to them in terms of time speed and quality so as to encouragethem to work harder. The company is able to recognize the need forthese incentives and is doing everything to ensure that the employeesare rewarded for work done. The management gives incentives forindividual employees and also set different groups who are allocatedtasks and rewarded if they are successful(Richardson, Karabenick &amp Watt, 2014).&nbspThe incentives it provides for the groups and the individualemployees include: gift cards, vouchers, cash prizes and othernonfinancial incentives like parking sports, vocational days,compressed work weeks and office space of one’s choice(Tracy, 2013).&nbsp.


Themanagement recognizes the goals achieved by the company in generaland the individual employee or team this is done through activitiesthat enhance recognition for the employees that are successful intheir job allocation and the company in general such as celebrationof these achievement through employee of the year or month, bestperformer awards, issuance of a press release and even posting anotice on the company’s website so as to recognize the individualor the teams responsible for the success(Church,2013).

Providingprofessional enrichment

Thisinvolves encouraging the employees to carry on with their educationto expand on their skills in their respective fields. Since thecompany has a research and development department that tries to lookfor more practical ideas of how the drugs can work better and toevaluate how well its functions successfully, the managementencourage s the individual employees who are interested in enhancingtheir skills and knowledge in these various fields so as to achieveits goals. The management therefore enhances learning and educationthrough creating opportunities for the employees to develop theirprofessionalism, organizing workshop trips and seminars for theemployees and giving them time for further studied. These are toenable them become focused in recognizing more opportunities(Richardson, Karabenick &amp Watt, 2014).&nbsp


Thisinvolves helping the employees in establishing their goals andobjectives for the tasks they are allocated to do. The managementmotivates the employees through giving them what to strive for or toachieve so that they can put much effort to work towards therealization of goals and objectives and encourage them when they meeta significant level of success. The goals set should be achievableand reasonable so as not to discourage them moreover, the goals becontributing to the general organization goals (Church,2013).

Thestrategy taken by the company to motivate its employees through suchtechniques, are successful in the following ways: There has beenimprovement in the performance of the company especially when itcomes to quality products The morale of the employees has increasedin their respect places of work The productivity has been improvedsince everyone is encouraged through rewards. The techniques can alsowork in other companies as the several employees are motivated bycommon factors stated above and so different managers in differentcompanies can apply the techniques and obtain the successful resultsout of them.


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