Rationale Essay Empire State College

RationaleEssay: Empire State College

RationaleEssay: Empire State College

Itis generally perceived that a human resources manager can havesimilar qualifications to any other manager. However, it is my beliefthat there is a clear distinction between the qualifications, bothacademic and managerial skills, of a human resource manager and otherorganizational managers. My ultimate goal is to complete a B.A.Degree at Empire State College with a concentration in human resourcemanagement, which will enhance my skills in employee selection,determination of pay, motivation, development, workplace safety, andpromotion. I have come to realize that, even with a workingexperience of several years a degree program can improve my workingskills and open new opportunities for me in the future.


Ihave made up my mind that I would like to pursue and complete aBachelors degree with a concentration in human resource management.My main areas of study include management, accounting, finance,communication, ethics, human relations, development, and majorconcentrations being human resource management and staff development.The guideline provided by Empire State College for students wishingto receive concentrations in human resource management indicates thatthey should at least explore employee relations, selectionstrategies, compensation and benefits, training and developmentleadership, and planning. In addition, students expecting to receiveconcentrations in management finance and communication shouldidentify the industries as well as the organizations that they wishto work with. On my part, I have managed to address theseexpectations undertaking courses that include business ethics,Training and development, employee relations, leadership andliterature, compensation and benefits strategy, as well asrecruitment and selection.

Iresearched about the human resource management concentration atFranklin University. This is because Franklin University is one ofthe established institutions of higher learning that offers an onlineBachelors degree in human resource management. The research gave mean insight into the basic requirements and major areas of study thata student pursuing a degree in human resource management should focuson. According the University’s website, a student pursuing a degreein human resource management should major Human Resource Managementand its related fields (such as staffing, labor relations,compensation and development) and supplement with global businessissues, performance management, organizational behavior, quantitativeas well as qualitative approaches to decision making, andorganizational development. I will surpass Franklin’s basicrequirements by undertaking additional courses, such asmicroeconomics, non-financial managers, globalization in humanresource management, and business mathematic among others. Inessence, the guidelines provided by Empire State College are designedto ensure that students enhance their proficiency in issues that areemerging in the field of human resource management and increase theirawareness about international human resource management affairs.

Ihave also taken the initiative to address the general academicrequirements set by the Empire State College by undertakingadditional courses, including those that are not directly relatedwith human resource management. For example, I will be required toundertake different computer programming packages (such as MicrosoftWord, Microsoft Excel, and introduction windows), contemporaryAmerican short story, introduction to psychology, and culturaldiversity in the places of work. Moreover, my previous academicattainment increases will contribute towards my progression in theselected concentration. For example, my Regent diploma increased myknowledge of the global history, comprehensive English, U.S. History,and mathematics, all of which are part of the college requirementsfor a concentration in human resource management.


Mymotivation to undertake a Bachelors degree in human resourcemanagement is the fact that I expect to work as a human resourcemanager in a non-governmental organization or a private enterpriseafter graduating from college. I researched about the expectations ofmy future profession by contacting my former employers. First, Iinquired about the basic requirements for one to be an effectivehuman resource manager from the human resource manager at LinchingTrading Incorporation, where I worked as an office assistant for aperiod of about one year. The manager informed me that the businessworld is suffering from the shortage of competent human resourcemanagers who hold degrees from established institutions. Althoughthere is a significant shortage of competent human resource managers,experience is critical for one to secure a job in this profession. Tothis end, it will be necessary to undertake internships beforegraduating in order to increase my knowledge and skills.

Myconcentration in human resource will increase my chances of getting ajob in human resource management. In addition, my diverse experienceat Linching Trading (Office assistant), Flush Hall (Sales andWarehouseman), Law office (lawyer assistant), and Bursar office willput me ahead of other job applicants. Moreover, the degree structureprovided by Empire State College contains a lot of courses that willenhance my credibility as a human resource manager in case I decideto start my company. Additionally, the college degree is tailored toaddress the human resources challenges emerging in the contemporarybusiness environment. For example, a course in cultural diversity inplaces of work will increases my capacity to deal with human resourcemanagement issues that arise from globalization. I am confident thatthe boards of directors of organizations operating in thecontemporary business environment would love to high HR managers whoare conversant with the current topics in the field of human resourcemanagement.

Areaof study and concentration guidelines

Inoverall, the design of the degree program is divided into thetranscript credit and advanced standing. The human resource degreeplan should have a total of transcript credit of 41. However, thetotal credit is composed of both the concentration and the generallearning. The concentration guideline provided by the Empire StateCollege for a degree in human resources is designed to equip learnerswith the knowledge they require to address the current challenges inthe human resource management sector. Therefore, the guidelineaddresses my academic expectations in the area of human resource. Inaddition, the program design has integrated the advanced levelstudies with a total credit of 41. Some of the topics offered in theadvanced level include customer service management, income tax,principles of accounting, microeconomics, Educational planning, andbusiness ethics among others. These advanced topics will give me anin-depth understanding of my concentration, human resources. Byundertaking the introduction and advanced courses, I will havefulfilled all the requirements set by the college for anundergraduate degree in human resource. General learning


Althoughmost of the courses offered by the Empire State College are directlyrelated to my human resource concentration, there are other coursesthat have no direct link to it. The college has given me anopportunity to learn about fashion in the U.S., society and westerncivilization, college writing, and college English. These courses areintegrated in the degree course outline to enhance some humanresources and other related skills. Although they may appearirrelevant, they have given me the general knowledge of the world andsocial aspects (such as history and culture) of human beings, some ofwhich I might come across when managing a diverse workforce. Inaddition, the college creates platforms for students to meet, whichincreases their capacity to socialize and understand the differencesexisting among human being beings. For example, a freshman seminarorganized by the college was an educational and an opportunity for usas students to socialize. Undertaking all these courses, includingthose that have direct and indirect link with my concentration willhelp me meet the degree requirements as set by the Empire StateCollege. In essence, the combination of these courses has beenperfectly integrated into my general learning.


Mydesire to serve in a human resource management docket pushed to setthe goal of pursuing a Bachelors degree in Human resources. Thegeneral guidelines provided by Empire State College and a degree planare designed to help students achieve their career goals with ease.In addition, the degree program and guidelines will provide me withan opportunity to learn current topics in the field of humanresources. This is significant given that fact that the currentbusiness environment if facing serious challenges, such as anincrease in the diversity workforce. I intend to use my degree tolook for a job opportunity in the human resource department in eithera non-government organization or a private enterprise. I willconsider establishing a human resources consulting firm in thefuture. However, this should only happen after gaining experience inthe field of human resource management.