Recession and Austerity Create Two Nations

Recessionand Austerity Create Two Nations




Recessionand governmental strategies of cutting down deficits in budgetscreate a separation as two nations between the rich and the poor.These tough economic times lower poor workers to a low remunerationyet at the same work load unlike the rich who enjoy luxuries with therecessions since the rich formulate the austerity in the market. Itthen becomes the main reason for staging workers strike to call fornot an equal, but fair working environment to both social classes.


Thoughthe law structures society, uneven pay does not match ethicaldemands. The workers need to have pay adjustments progressively justas tax cuts. Progressive pay appraisal creates a fair adjustmentsthat also match economical adjustments where it levels economicpeaks, troughs, and recessions. The workers strike is the currenteffective means of communicating worker’s grievances, yet there arelaws against it and counter methods of vertical communication. Itdoes not serve the minorities’ right to have laws that the businesscannot adjust to or bypass.